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  1. Replied to your PM. Idle on 98 is good and AFR is well controllable (compared to 1650s). I like them, and the ID data works well.
  2. Can anyone confirm that mapper's method is still relevant? Nothing changed in subsequent versions that would disrupt?
  3. Agree, NZEFI, I bought 2 from there a couple of weeks ago.
  4. Changed to acc power, did as Adam said above re setup, works perfect. Easy when you know how! Thanks again!
  5. Thanks mate, I'll give that a try tonight and report back. Cheers!
  6. Got the first module connected and working fine, but can't get the 2nd online. Using a NZ EFI dual CAN harness with termination resistor. Any tips? What ID should the second unit use if the first is 950? Also, re power wiring, my previous setup was triggered with fuel pump on, is this still ok with the Link units? Or can I switch to accessory power if the link takes care of sensor heating?
  7. Following on from this, trying to work out how and where to mount the controllers... Will they survive in a Z32 engine bay? Manual says 100degs, obviously wouldn't be mounted anywhere on the engine itself. Should be ok? The cables aren't long, and I'd rather not have to have the sensor plugs on the cabin side, so I'm exploring options. Thanks!
  8. Thanks Adam, that pretty much settles it for me I'd think.
  9. Thanks for the info! So 2 x link units sounds like winning. Is it correct that the spartan units use the same protocols as link? 2 way communication, turn off CLL on sensor error etc?
  10. Hi all, I'm having some trouble with the cheap ECOtrons dual CAN, and sensors failing/becoming slow or inaccurate. I've used the 4.9 sensors they provided, and when one failed, I bought another pair of the 'motorsport' (better heat tolerance supposedly) version from a local reputable vendor. One of these sensors is now failing also (stable at stoich, slow or stupid rich/lean either side of that). I've tried 2 different sensor locations, firstly about 700mm from the manifold, and 2ndly in the factory o2 location in the dump pipes. Wiring for the controller is powered on with fuel pumps.
  11. That's be nice. Dual mode works well around idle and cruise, haven't really done any testing to see what happens under any real load.
  12. So I bit the bullet and changed them on Sunday anyway. Started up last night and they seem good at idle. Got some hrs to put in now before Easter trip. Assuming the world doesn't end before then of course.
  13. Hi all, I currently use bosch 1650s, but I feel for my application they are just a bit too big. I kind of want my cake and also to eat it, in that my Z32 will mostly run on 98, but be flex tuned. In a previous life, this setup has made 600+rwhp on 98, so I'm looking near 700 in the end. I've bought a set of ID1300X in the hope that they'll be just large enough at full beans on e85, but also perform well on 98 at idle/low load. My question is to those that have plugged in ID injector data. How good was it? Turn key with some tweaks? Pulse adder/deadtime values good etc? I know I
  14. I can't recall sorry, I never bothered to return to try and sort this out, I just use the car pc.
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