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  1. This is what I meant aswell - I think I will have to use the 4d map. This is why I started this topic: How do I start? base map on RPM vs TPS (no load / with load? deactivate turbo) 4d map over RPM and MAP ( decrease the values of the TPSvsRPM base map??? or is there a better way? How do I do this - sounds very complicated or lets say hard to do, because you can have 4000 RPM with 60% TPS and 1 bar map , 1.5 bar map 2 bar map...
  2. Hi sutkale Base map to look at will be interesting. Please send to Philipp.mondelaers@gmail.com As I said, I am not worried about the fuel adjustment, but more about ignition with this kind of setup. I met this weekend some guys in Norway which are running similar setups. They combined all 6 runners to get a smooth map signal. But I still think I have to use the 4d table for ignition adjustment, or? Doing it just over map and rpm with this itb and turbo will not work? There are a lot of guys running vipec with itb and turbo. Where are they? Good discussion here anyway - helps a lot.
  3. If anyone has an example map I can look at it would be lovely - just for understanding. Phil
  4. Hi Sorry for my late reply. I am just back from the 24hr nurburgring - unfortunately my car crashed in the morning because of oil and water on the track. At this time we were p3 overall - shit happens. Now back to topic. Thank you all for your good replys. If someone can send me an example map would be nice to see. So fuel is clear and ign only over map - where do you get your map signal from? Each runner in one extra volume or just from the intake manifold which would be before the runners? If I do ignition only over map on this setup, what about the idle? Thanks again Phil
  5. Hi Simon So I was on a good way. For fuel: do a base map with tps as load with no boost ( bypass the turbo) and then do a correction on map with boost using a 4d table with map as load. For ignition: this is for me more complicate or dangerous. I could also do a base map with no boost with tps as load. Then do a correction with boost adding a 4d table with map as load. But: in the 4d table has to be a ignition reduction because I cannot run the ignition values of the tps base map when boost is added. So how do I do this while tuning. Adding negative values?? You know someone who tune
  6. Hi to all Are u sure it will work on this engine only using tps as load? What happens if I run different boost and what about the ignition? It will make a difference if I run 6000 rpm at 100% with 1 bar or with 2 bar. This has to be done by a 4d map for sure for ignition?! ThAnks a lot I hope this is an interesting topic
  7. Natural aspirated with itb is always tps the best. The problem starts when you add a turbo - I am a bit lost in the tuning strategy...
  8. Hi to everybody I am just building my engine but I want to get problems sorted out. I am running am BMW s38 engine with individual throttle bodies for each runner combined with a turbo. Engine management is a v88 I normally take the map pressure as the load signal. On this engine with its, the map signal behind the throttles is very rough and not usable for application. So I rather use the 4d map with the tps as load for the base map and then map for the correction. But how do I start: run the base map with no boost at all ( disconnect turbo?) ??? And then do the correction wit
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    me aswell :-) thanks
  10. yeah - i will start with the M50b25 base map and a master fuel of 4 (my engine config 1000 injectors and 3.6L) Then I will try to adjust the fuel map via TPS sensor and no boost and then go to the 4d fuel  table and adjust the fuel and ignition with the map signal. which maximum ignition angle would you recommend to start with to be safe even with 1.5bar? 20°? BR Phil
  11. I am using this injector on pump gas. http://www.witchhunter.com/flowdatapix/b0280158040.jpg I am wondering why I cannot find a master calculation form somewhere - it should be just physics when i get it right?
  12. hello i tried to calculate a master fuel for the basic fuel. so for a 1000ccm injector (1 injector per port) and 3.6l 6 cyl engine i calculated for 100kpa and 100% ve a maste pulse width of 3.9. Makes that any sence? How do you figure out your master quantity? BR Phil
  13. Hello i hope someone can help me. I have a BMW M5 engine with turbo and 850 injectors and single butterflys for each runner after the intake manifold. The manual says I have to switch to TPS as load signal, but how about the boost influence? Can someone explain me a strategy for the tuning with TPS and map combined? for fuel and ignition? Â If someone has a startmap of a M5 or M3 engine with turbo and similar configuration, it would help me quite a lot! Â Thank everybody phil
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