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  1. i found it, + and - from the throttle motor was reversed so whith 100% pedal, throttle was closing instead of opening., so switched it and it works fine now. Link Ecu FTW!! however, allthough the calibration worked, min TPS is still at 5.8 is this normal? or is this the minimal opening needed as the throttle replaces the opening from an ISC valve?
  2. Hi i have a problem calibrating an E-Throttle on a 2006 STI with a custom wired Extreme Black ecu. i managed to do the pedal calibration, but when i try the e-throtle itself it gives a fault stating "max 80% DC". in the "ON-Setup Mode" i can move the throttle between 5.8 and 100%, but in the automatic calibration is gives the fault of max 80. i made a small video of it. to start i copied all settings from the plugin V10 map into the extreme black basemap. i also have 2 TPS inputs main and sub from the throttle and also 2 inputs from the pedal main and sub, all voltages arrive good in the ecu as seen in the runtime values. anyone an idea what is wrong? or what settings i missed. i suspect the wiring and all be ok as the throttle works fine in setup mode and i entered the voltages as seen in the runtime values. youtube video
  3. i'm doing the same right now with an xtreme black. however im just cutting off the stock plugs and remove whats not needed anymore.
  4. ST-Autosport

    08+ STi Dual AVCS

    hi we are working on a V10 STI (sedan) witht the above mentioned EJ257 engine, quad AVCS and electronic throttle and tumble valves, what wire-in is usable for this setup, will the xtreme black work with all these systems? how about the key and ignition system? do we need to do modifications on that?
  5. any updates on this? i'd like to use my samsung to read my G4 storm data.
  6. i was also looking for a 3sge base map for the G4 just to get started but after loads of searching and not finding anything this is what i did: - download the fcdatalogit software here http://www.fc-datalogit.co.nz/FC%20Edit%20DEMO.zip - unpack and install - load the 3sge vvti base map - copy cheers
  7. i'm also looking for a 3S-G basemap, hower not 3S-GTE but the NA version, 3S-GE the 3S-GTE basemap would also be a good startpoint, if someone could send me a base map, that would be very helpfull, thanks. info@st-autosport.com
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