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  1. Hi. Can you advise..my car is holding speed at 2000rpm when I disengaged the gear even move slowly. Can it be eliminate or adjusted to reduce the rpm at 1200rpm ?
  2. Hi, my car is evo 8 jdm (3 socket ecu) I plan to use the PNP link g4+ evo 9 for my setup. Question 1, Do I need to use the relay kit for my fuel pump that allows the fuel pump always run high speed ? Question 2 Fyi, Evo 8 JDM spec is 3 socket. Evo 8 currently using MAF. If Pnp evo 9 link g4+, do I Need to swap pin 62 at ecu IAT to Fuel temp pin 96 to read IAT ? And do I Need to swap pin Maf 61 at ecu to Pin Map 92 ?
  3. Hi, I just had a new set of Link G4 PnP for Evo 7, injector is 1000cc , my problem is , how am I going to start the idle setting ? Idle RPM in cold start Idle RPM in warm condition [ working temp ] Idle RPM in Fan ON Idle RPM in Air Cond ON. I'm using cam 272 HKS  with full adjustment BTC I need a flow process to start the tuning. Please advise  Cheers Charlie
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