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  1. I see... to be honest, the current tune really bites the big one. It's probably better for my new tuner to start from scratch and not accidentally miss some messed up setting from the old tune.
  2. Never mind, downloaded Pclink G4+ and answered the question - can't be done. All good!
  3. Hey guys, Sort of have a similar question, but the opposite; I currently have a G4 plug-in in my R34 GTT, and would like to upgrade to the G4+. The car is currently tuned however, so is it possible to just upload this tune into the G4+ and go or will it need a total retune? Obviously to take full advantage of the G4+ I would get a retune, but can I use the tune to keep driving until I do get a retune?
  4. The best method that I have seen is to create a secondary fuel table that uses ethanol % vs ECT, and have the ECU disable that table when the engine hits 300rpm using a virtual auxiliary output.Â
  5. Does this mean there is no possibility of the Link G4 getting 'true' flex-fuel capability in the future? Ie. defined fuel composition correction tables and fuel composition scalar tables, rather than scaling on the 4D table?
  6. Well I ended up deciding that there was no interference between the two. Both devices were consistent in their readings whether the other one was connected or not, ie. with the ECU connected and the Zeitronix display disconnected, the ECU read 18 degrees. With the ECA connected and the ECU not, the ECA still showed 11 degrees. I also used a multimeter to measure Kelvin resistance to measure the fuel temperature, and that told me the fuel was 13 degrees. Â So I don't think there is actually any interaction, it is more a case of the configuration of both units being out. What is interesting is that both units agree on the ethanol percentage. I sat my sensor in a container of E85 that I picked up from my local servo, and both units read 82%. I tested the fuel using separation funnels to be 88% ethanol, so the configuration is out a little bit there too. But I find it interesting that the ethanol content configuration matches up, while the fuel temperature doesn't. This is actually irrelevant in the end though. It doesn't actually matter what number the units spit out, the ECU doesn't care what the fuel temperature or exact ethanol content ACTUALLY is. What matters is the consistency, as the tune is set up so that the ECU works out what to do at a given fuel temperature or E%. So in both cases it should be totally fine to tune the car with both units connected. In terms of using it as a gauge to monitor things, I think that will work too. Really a gauge is only ever reliable enough to be used to compare to what your car normally does. So if the gauge normally reads 27 degrees when driving around in traffic, it doesn't matter if the fuel is actually 20 degrees. If one day it all of a sudden says fuel temp is 50 degrees then you will know something is up and it's done it's job.
  7. Bah, further confusion! I just tried disconnecting the ECU from the circuit, so the signal wire goes direct to the display unit. Like this, the display still reads 13 degrees celcius. So the two units are disagreeing on the reading, even when there is no interaction between the two. This has me thoroughly confused.
  8. So I tried running the signal wire direct to the ECU, and I believe you may be correct Simon. With the display disconnected, the ECU would not get a signal from the sensor with the internal pull-up switched off. With the pull up on, the ECU gets a reading of 18 degrees. Is there no way I can use the two units together? I don't have a free analog input for the ECU, so I need to use a digital input. But I want the display as well...
  9. Well my understanding is that with the way I have wired it, there won't be any interaction between the two units? I am not using the outputs from the ECA, as this converts the signal to analog. Instead I have the digital signal output from the sensor going to the ECA unit, and have spliced into that same wire to get the signal to the ECU. The analog output from the ECA unit is not connected anywhere. I've attached a quick drawing I did in paint to help explain. Would splicing into the signal wire have caused enough of a disturbance of the signal to upset the readings? I can try disconnecting the signal wire from the ECA, but then I will have no display to compare the ECU reading to?
  10. Ok so went ahead and wired it so the sensor output wire runs to the ECA kit, and I then spliced into that wire and pinned it into the DI5 position in the XS Loom. Then in PCLink I have selected the GM Siemens Ethanol Sensor option from the list. However, I can't get the ECU to read the same as the Zeitronix display. For example, the Zeitronix display shows the fuel temperature at a steady 11° Celsius and ethanol content at 1% (should be 0 but that's what the display shows). With the internal pull up turned OFF, the ecu reads fuel temp as 132° Celsius, so that obviously needs to be on. With the pull up resistor ON and the active edge set to 'RISING', the fuel temp reads 20°. With active edge set to 'FALLING' the fuel temp flickers between 16 and 17 degrees. But I can't get it to read the same as the display no matter what setting I use. Also the ethanol content in the ecu displays 0% no matter what. Any tips?
  11. Thinking about it; could I alternatively run the digital output from the sensor to the ECA display, AND straight through to the digital input on the ECU? Rather than using the analog signal? I imagine this would give me both the ethanol and fuel temperature readings? As well as freeing up that last analog input.
  12. Hey all, Just a quick question on how to configure this sensor in PCLink when using the Zeitronix ECA? The sensor is the Continental (13577394) sensor, however I am using the sensor in conjunction with the ECA display unit, which converts the digital signal into a 5v analog signal. I have wired the ethanol content output signal into the AN Volt 6 position on the XS loom, but there is no specific setting in PCLink. Do I simply use the Voltage 0-5V setting and that is it, or is there more to it? Thanks a lot, Martin.
  13. No problem mate, I've attached a couple of photos. This is the only secondary harness that I can see coming out of the ecu, and I purchased the XS loom at the same time and place as I bought the board (RPW in West Australia). Whether my tuner has chosen to install a completely different harness I couldn't tell you, though I can't fathom why they would do that when I supplied them with the correct one...Â
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