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  1. Bud

    Fury or thunder X

    Hello some news for ecu Fury X will be availanle? thanks
  2. Thanks Adam can you explain why you setup like this? i really interest to understand thanks in advance ludovic
  3. Thanks for your answer, i will test your setup before i test also this setting
  4. Hello, i have Subaru plug in G4X with Link CAN Lambda can you help me for setting correctly Lambda Closed loop. For correct setting of "Gain Control Table" and "Update Rate TAble" Thanks in advance for your help Ludovic
  5. Hello thanks for your feedback i cmodify setting it is working well thanks
  6. Hello today i try to connect & Configure LINK CAN Lambda to Plug iN G4X Subaru i follow instruction on help for setup can but some problem when i connect CAN LAmbda , i am on step for CAN Devices for find Lambda CAN i join pictures also i have error message " CAN is not supported by firmware version ..." i already use last version
  7. Hello I start to confguration costumer car with Plug In Subaru WRX9 G4X i have Error fault number 9, what is it? Also I have some error and some problem for calibration for MAP Sensor Omni power 4b i try to cal 1 or linear cal 1 with 0-5v & 0 - 400kpa when i try to calibration some error show me Some idea of problem? i join base map if you need regards Subaru WRX V9 G4X Xtreme Plugin base map 01.pclx
  8. Hello I will search Anti-Lag solenoid valve for the ECU controlled air Bleed Do you have some advice & feedback which materials is good to use and where i can buy? Thanks in adavnce Bud
  9. Bud

    Link CAN Lambda Problem

    Hi Adam, I changed Lambda sensor and problem is fixed. thanks for help regards ludovic
  10. Bud

    Link CAN Lambda Problem

    ok thanks i will try new sensor and keep you update
  11. Bud

    Link CAN Lambda Problem

    ok thanks i will try new sensor lambda lsu 4.9< how to do calibration sensor?
  12. Bud

    Link CAN Lambda Problem

    Hi Adam thanks for your answer i join copy of your request
  13. Hello Since one week i have some trouble with my LINK CAN Lambda. it is very strange, during idle and running CAN running correctly and sometimes CAN Lambda STOP to work and value is blocked to 10.1 very strange , I check all connection and sensor. i not understand, can you help me? if i change Lambda sensor , i need to calibrate system? how to calibrate? thanks in advance regards
  14. Bud


    Hi Adam, Do you think same for MIVEC to keep axis TP? Best regards
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