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  1. Been a bit of a numpty in the wiring diagram! I have an Xtreme ECU and will get the CAN module for the LSU 4.9 Thanks for the tips on the tacho. Steep learning curve - but all getting there. I'll be in touch.
  2. Thanks Adam Speedo is a VDO programmable one that runs off a wheel speed sensor. I could wire a sensor direct to the speedo, but I'd like to have the data in the ECU and then send a signal to the speedo. I'm assuming I can wire AO to speedo? RPM dial is the standard electonic Veglia Borletti electronic unit.... This could also come out of AO? Yes, planning fuel pump, radiator fan, accusump and so on can be switched outputs from Inj 5-8 What would really be good is a way to take sensor inputs and then use them to drive the old 12v instruments.... rather than a "redundancy"
  3. Laying up the loom on my nail wall now and have all the sensors. ... Got a Fury ECU and working out the pins and sensors. Cam sensor, crank are OEM Lancia/Fiat 16v coupe items. I've a 60-2 trigger on the crankshaft. Here's a PDF with how far I've got. Best to get the paper right before cutting wires, so any comments would be good!
  4. Thanks Bud, I would be interested in the 8v one, yes please! jp edited: I now have a G4+ Fury
  5. Hello folks, I'm considering a Fury for my engine. It's a Fiat Volumetrico 131 / Lancia Beta type (as in reverse flow from Delta type) engine. I've converted a Delta integrale plenum (cut and swapped ends) and fitted the rest of the fuel injection of the Delta. No turbo, but an R10 Abarth compressor from an 037. So for this reason, someone with a Lancia Beta volumex (or second choice Delta integrale) would be a good start point. I've changed trigger wheel to lose the 4-tooth unit for a 32-1 which I can do that in the setup - but the rest of the maps would be handy to use as a base.
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