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  1. Hi link staff I have a G4 plugin for an r32 GTR, I want to bypass the factory fpcu all together and run max voltage full time by adding an external relay. I have a couple of questions. 1. Is Aux 6 (pin 18) a ground signal? 2. Now that i have Aux 1 and Aux 2 free, i want to use one to control a warning lamp and the other to control a solenoid. Once again are these two Outputs a ground signal? 3. Lastly Aux 1 is listed as both pin 106 & 113. Do i simply cut one of the wires and connect that to my aux device while leaving the other still connected to the old factory fpcu? Thanks in advance Pat
  2. sorry forgot to mention units is in kpa
  3. I double checked and there's a fair bit of variance, MGP is any where between -8 to +8 when cold/hot. At operating temperature it sits close to 0 with engine off (+/-3).
  4. I am just wondering what sort of variance should you be getting with the map sensor at atmospheric. I am running bosch STYLE 3 bar map sensor, i get any where from 99kpa - 108kpa, it drifts around a bit i think engine bay temperature has an effect on this. I understand the BAP has an effect on this but its usually just +1kpa in most cases. Also each time i check it's in my garage so sea level should have no effect on the variance. As I'm getting my car back on the dyno in a few weeks i thought it might be a good idea to get a genuine bosch sensor unless it is actually normal for the sensor to drift around this much. Cheers Pat
  5. Patrick

    Ecu Logging problem

    Hi scott can i please get your email address Cheers Pat
  6. Patrick

    Ecu Logging problem

    I have my ecu logging setup through a digital switch and it works as intended however my problem is that when i switch the car on a log file is automatically generated irrespective of my switch position. My setup is as follows. Ecu Logging: Logging Mode = On Logging Rate = 5hz Activation Mode = DI #6 DI 6 GP Input: Function = Gp Input Switch Type = Toggle Pullup Resistor = On On Level = Low Active Edge = Falling DI 6 is a toggle switch which is wired to 'expansion 1 signal GROUND' on the link g4 expansion loom (this is the ground for sensors and not an actual chassis ground). I've also tried temporarily using a virtual aux output to test and it works flawlessly, no log files are generated while switching the car on and off unless the virtual aux is active. Cheers Pat
  7. a member is developing an android app with display of parameters, hi/lo warning and datalogging not sure when it will actually release though. Obviously not full featured as pc link but will be great on the move.
  8. Colin which version of windows tablet is compatible with using pc link software?
  9. My map limit is set to 280kpa and car boosts to 260kpa everything works perfectly fine. I have since tried setting the limiter down to 265 to keep a tighter tolerance and add more security. The car keeps cutting out well before it even approaches 260kpa, on a 5hz log the values show up as 228kpa > 242kpa > 253kpa > 236kpa > 181kpa > 51 kpa. I have also tried to set the check engine light to come on at 260kpa and it has not flashed even once even when the logs show small brief spikes over 260kpa. Cheers Pat
  10. Thanks for your help simon
  11. Can any of the link staff please shed a bit more light on this topic? 1. Will a continental sensor wired up with an external 2k2 give the same output result as a continental sensor using the internal pullup resistor? 2.Is 'Gm siemans ethanol sensor' used in the configuration when defining the digital input? There is no predefined continental sensor in pclink. Cheers Pat
  12. Make sure you post up your results and any more info you find out on the continental sensor. Mine is going in soon as well, good luck!! Cheers Pat
  13. hey levon I understand it will still work just curious now if it will give the same frequency output as a continental (with internal pullup) or even a gm sensor for that matter. Cheers Pat
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