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  1. Hello, We are still developing this this, we have it working fine on a 7' tablet at the moment. We MAY even be able to get this to work with USB, more development will let us know eventually. Once the software is stable with no obvious problems we may look at doing some beta testing. If there is anything that you guys want to see specifically, please let me know via these forums or email. Cheers, Mike MPBManagement
  2. Thanks for everyone's support! We are slowly getting there, the product is just being finalised and completing the connection issues we have had. The layout is still basic and some items and configurable, but basic is how i want it and will be how the program will start out. It will evolve with the User's wants, and we will try to implement as much customization as possible. Do you have idea's for what you want to see? As mentioned above, please do not hesitate to email me on mike@mpbmanagement.co.nz Cheers, Mike
  3. More Progress! Battery Voltage (the one parameter we can adjust on the workbench) is now displaying correctly, and when we change the power supply it changes on the screen. There is a lot of programming left to go with inputting all of the modifiers and multipliers, but it's all relatively simple. My Programmer will is implementing lots of options from the get go, with a large amount of information parameters to be displayed at any one time (testing 12 so far). We have the Application automatically connecting to the bluetooth when it's starting up etc, and once the application is up all you n
  4. Just an update. We have successfully connected a Bluetooth device to my Link G4 Xtreme and are receiving data on my laptop. We just need to translate the code and then implement the bluetooth protocol's into my Samsung Galaxy S. Hoping to have a full prototype working in the next month or so. I will let everyone know how we are getting along! Cheers, Mike
  5. Hi Malcolm, that looks mostly like it's for CAN, not RS232. I've emailed him to see what he thinks of my idea, and if his software/app can be ported over. I will look at learning how to program Andriod stuff soon, once i have my car going again. Cheers, Mike
  6. Hello Yurgen! sorry for the old post revival. Are you able to get me the RS232 protocols so i can start working on this? Cheers, Mike 0211747427
  7. Hello, I was looking at getting a racing dash (AIM MXL) or a DisplayLink for my road car. But now i'm thinking thats a bit overkill. Does anyone know if PCLink can be used on an iPhone or an Andriod based phone? That way you could display exactly what you wanted to see, on your 4' screen on your mobile phone. If i were racing, i'd probably only want to see Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Water temp and any warnings. It could be plugged in via the USB. I think iPhone doesn't have USB in though. Have anyone looked into this? Cheers, Mike
  8. ECU ground on my mirage was above the passengers left foot, just forward of the passenger door.
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