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  1. Problem Solved The owner is also a machinist, DRP = Dan's Rad Parts. Cheers, Mike
  2. It appears that they have a 36 -1 -1 arrangement. Will it matter where the missing tooth is relative to the camshaft position? some information - http://msextra.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=131&t=44464&sid=4956d0fb750b900704c858ae76307f26&start=20
  3. Could you please tell me how many teeth a stock VK56 has on the crankshaft trigger plate? (there is a profile for triggers in the Link G4 options) I'm helping a friend wire up a VK56 in a R32 skyline. The stock crank trigger disc is on the flywheel, and the pickup is in the bellhousing. With a RB25 gearbox and bell housing being used, we will make up a trigger disc and put it on the front of the crankshaft. To make it work with the preconfigured Link 'VK56' trigger setup, i want to replicate the same amount of teeth. This will help ensure that the VVT setup will not run into problems. Cheers, Mike
  4. Hello, We are still developing this this, we have it working fine on a 7' tablet at the moment. We MAY even be able to get this to work with USB, more development will let us know eventually. Once the software is stable with no obvious problems we may look at doing some beta testing. If there is anything that you guys want to see specifically, please let me know via these forums or email. Cheers, Mike MPBManagement
  5. I've already fried one alternator on my evo engine (evo 4-9) and the it's because I haven't hooked up the ECU controlled part of the alternator. What does this actually do? Can the Link G4 ECU output a signal to allow control of the alternator? Attached is a circuit diagram of an Evo 6 Charging system. Cheers, Mike
  6. Hi Andrew, I can confirm that the link Scott shared with you does work, i'm using it to convert my LLG to CSV for displaying HP/TQ on a virtual dyno program. It's very simple to use too! Cheers, Mike
  7. Thanks for everyone's support! We are slowly getting there, the product is just being finalised and completing the connection issues we have had. The layout is still basic and some items and configurable, but basic is how i want it and will be how the program will start out. It will evolve with the User's wants, and we will try to implement as much customization as possible. Do you have idea's for what you want to see? As mentioned above, please do not hesitate to email me on mike@mpbmanagement.co.nz Cheers, Mike
  8. Works Perfectly, thank you Shura! Legend!
  9. I've updated my Link G4 Xtreme to firmware 4.9.1 The LLG2CSV software now does not covert my LLG files. I tried opening a log from a 4.9.1 equipped G4 with the 4.7.1 PC Link software, and this information will not display. So there must be some changes in the log format that isn't allowing them to work. SHURA can you help? (log file attached) Cheers, Mike mike_cullingford@hotmail.com
  10. Yup for sure, you can do those things. On my setup, i switch Ecu Logging, Launch Control and Hi/Low boost. Wire in a switch into a Digital Input. Whatever you want to switch (lets use Launch Control), you have to go into that menu. Motorsport - Launch Control - Launch Control setup tab Change activation control from always ON to your Digital Input that you wired the switch into. To check to see if your DI (Digital input) is working, you can goto the runtimes value tab and turn your switch on and off. Check the Digital Tab! Done and Done!
  11. More Progress! Battery Voltage (the one parameter we can adjust on the workbench) is now displaying correctly, and when we change the power supply it changes on the screen. There is a lot of programming left to go with inputting all of the modifiers and multipliers, but it's all relatively simple. My Programmer will is implementing lots of options from the get go, with a large amount of information parameters to be displayed at any one time (testing 12 so far). We have the Application automatically connecting to the bluetooth when it's starting up etc, and once the application is up all you need to do is push the 'GO' button to have live information streaming to your phone. We should have a full working prototype by the end of next week, and i'll probably test it on Hans Ruiterman's car (www.ehmotors.co.nz) as my car is still in pieces! If there is anything specifically that the community (YOU!) wants, please leave a message here or email me at mike@mpbmanagement.co.nz . Cheers, Mike Â
  12. Just an update. We have successfully connected a Bluetooth device to my Link G4 Xtreme and are receiving data on my laptop. We just need to translate the code and then implement the bluetooth protocol's into my Samsung Galaxy S. Hoping to have a full prototype working in the next month or so. I will let everyone know how we are getting along! Cheers, Mike
  13. Hi Malcolm, that looks mostly like it's for CAN, not RS232. I've emailed him to see what he thinks of my idea, and if his software/app can be ported over. I will look at learning how to program Andriod stuff soon, once i have my car going again. Cheers, Mike
  14. Hello Yurgen! sorry for the old post revival. Are you able to get me the RS232 protocols so i can start working on this? Cheers, Mike 0211747427
  15. Hello, i'm building a RS232 type display for an University project. Are you able to give me the RS232 protocols for the Link G4 so i dont have to sniff? This would help a lot. Cheers, Mike
  16. thanks Brian. Is there NZ availability for these flex fuel sensors? Or will i have to bring them in from the USA? Cheers, Mike
  17. Bump of an old thread, the search function worked! I'm looking to do this, run an E85 sensor and do a 4D overlay (fuel and ignition) so i can run anywhere from 0% ethanol to 85% ethanol without any driver input/switching required. I have come across this product: http://www.zeitronix.com/Products/ECA/ECA.shtml Is there any other Ethanol sensors that Link recommends? this is quite expensive at $359USD plus postage (retail). And can we confirm (again) that the raw signal can be used with the required addition box to convert to 0-5v signal. Cheers, Mike
  18. Hello Cameron, I looked through my config, and it only allows 'GP PMW' on Aux O/P 1-8. I have a mitsi with 4x wire ISC, and mivec, tacho and boost solenoid. This only leaves one free. Are you able to get the injector/ignition 5-8 drives to do this? (link g4 xtreme) or is this only for aux O/P 1-8? I guess i could go to a single wire type (nissan) ISC in the future to free up my outputs! Cheers, Mike
  19. thats perfect Cameron, i'll configure that and see how it goes! Magic! Cheers, Mike
  20. Hello, I'd like to request an Oil pressure vs RPM table with configurable output in the Link G4. This will allow me to set a low oil pressure warning system (light and horn) for when i'm racing. If my normal oil pressure is 80psi @ 3000rpm+, and i set a warning at 50psi, this would sound/illuminate at idle etc. Once the oil pressure has dipped below the threshold value, could you make it so that the accusump output remains triggered for a selectable time (3sec, 5sec etc). I'd like to have this with a RPM cutout, so the accusump doesn't activate below 3000rpm (so when i turn the key to ON it doesn't dump all the oil into my engine). Currently there is only flat oil pressure warning, with no RPM input. (this is correct?) Cheers, Mike
  21. Thank you for your replies. I worked out how to do it thanks to you Ashley, it was much easier once i looked at your pic. Ryan i'll give that a go too Cheers, Mike
  22. Hello, I'm trying to make a boost threshold graph up for my car by logging all gears. I can't seem to get the logging to display a XY graph that has RPM on the X axis and Boost (MGP) on the Y axis. Is this possible with the link logging? Or if not, can you export this log information to an Excel file or similar format? Here is a pic of something i'm trying to do http://www.sponaugle.com/nasioc/GT30RSpool5.gif Cheers, Mike
  23. Hello, I'm looking at buying a 7' tablet PC to mount in my car so i can use as a realtime display and make changes on the fly as required. I see that the PCLink software requirements are 1GHz processor. Is this 100% required? Or will a 700Mhz processor work? I will be running windows XP. The reason why i'm asking is because i searched and saw that previous software versions could be run with much less CPU power. Cheers, Mike
  24. Thanks for the reply Jurgen. Lets say for example my flatshift takes 0.1seconds to complete (clutch fully in to clutch fully out). I understand that the fuelling is hard to phase back in, and thats why you cut ignition. Would it be possible to set a fuel cut for a set time ontop of the ignition cut? I.e. if i ran a timed cut of 0.1 seconds, could you cut the fuel for a set amount of time? 0.05 or 0.075 seconds etc? Or if you ran it Non-Timed, you could specify a certain amount of engine revolutions (1-4 for example) where the fuel was cut. That way it would be 100% on or off, no 'blending' or phasing of fuel back in. Or even another idea, could you rig it so that when you push in the clutch (over certain RPM + TPS) that it triggers another output from the ECU? I.e. the fuel injector relay signal? That way the ECU doesn't have to phase the fuelling at all, the injectors loose Power and therefore cannot operate? I love the flat shifting option. It makes the car amazing to drive. If i could get away with it, i would use it. But currently with my setup it doesn't allow me to run ignition cut systems. (we think because of hydralic lifter assembly). Any ideas would be good! Cheers, Mike P.s. Hayden, try what i did. Manually put everything to zero and try again. Set one options low and try them while the car is stationery. I.e. Rev limit 2000rpm, everything else turned off. I'm not sure if my problem is the same as yours though.
  25. Heya Jurgen, i called Simon back, i had fixed the problem. I ended up putting all the values to zero until it stopped happening. Then slowly added in parameters until the cut was tailored to what i want. We had that problem with something else too, i think it was triggering. Once you reset it or switch to another option, then switch back it works fine. Talk about brain fart! hehe I still wish there was an option to do full fuel cut as opposed to ignition cut, the amount of black smoke and bangs out the back is disturbing I understand what simon said about a possible lean event with the cuts being so small/short, but isn't that the same for launch control and/or speed/rev limit? With that in mind, wouldn't the rev's drop faster with fuel cut too? as opposed to -30 or -40 ignition cut. Cheers, Mike
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