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  1. I'm Thom's friend, I'll try that, thank you.
  2. Hi Dave Thank you very much for your response. My dealer will contact Link UK to get the code. Regards René
  3. Idle is okay, it was the soft stop that prevented the throttle to close completely. It now remains the Knock Control activation. Regards René
  4. I shall close the Idle solenoid to try but the idle speed was well with the OEM Motronic ECU and i'm sure that there is no air leak. It is not the principal problem. The most important is the Knock control. Can you confirm that all G4 + Xtreme have the  internal knock control module? Regards René
  5. Hi, I reduced the timming in the main table and in the idle table to 5 °, idle is now at 1200 rpm but I can not decrease it. I checked that there is no air leak. Regards René
  6. Hi, Dave Thank you for your answers I tried with and without the idle ignition control and it does not change. I'll try to reduce the timming in the main ignition table. I'ave a two wires solenoid valve. For the trigger offset, I had absolutely nothing changed, I checked the file with which the engine had been running. It's not very important, it runs now, it was just to know the explanation. Regards René
  7. Hi Dave, The engine is finally running, I had to set the trigger offset to -45 ° when it was operating with 315 ° before, I would like to know why it changed ??? We did some roaddrives tests Thom and with almost no Bosst and it works pretty well but now I have two problems: - Idle is at 1300 rpm with 35 in the "Idle position base table" and 850 rpm in the "Idle RPM table". If I  DECREASES the value the engine speed INCREASES!!! and if I INCREASES the value the engine speed  INCREASES TOO !!! the minimum is reached for 35 ???? - I can not turn on the knock control. When I select "On - Knck Internal" it comes back automatically to Off, if I select "On - Knck DI interface", the menu opens correctly. All G4 + Xtreme have well the internal knock control function? Thank you for your answers Regards René
  8. Your online help is the source in which I trust most ..... if you trust yourself in your own source !!! Is this the case?
  9. Hi I have a G4+ Extrem ECU I have Siemens 107961 injectors The information in your online help for these injectors indicates a dead time of 0.379 ms for 14V under 45psi, but my provider (034 Motorsport), like many other, indicates 1.14 ms at 14 V (http://store.034motorsport.com /siemens-60-pound-or-630cc fuel-injector-high-impedance-20687.html) ! I also found on the net other values such as here: http://www.fiveomotorsport.com/107961-siemens-60lbs, or here http://injector-rehab.com/shop/lag.html With which values I have to set the table? Thanks
  10. Hello, I'm french and I write very bad english, I'm sorry. Is there a search function on the forum and where is it? Thank Regards
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