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  1. Was looking over my setup and was curious if this is even a possibility. I've found the setup options within the PC Link software. But there isn't much info available on setting it up/wiring it in. Specifically I'm looking to ditch the factory Rx7 FD throttle body and upgrade to an LS style 90mm GM unit.
  2. Exactly as the title says, would be a great addition to any of the G4 products. Currently Ethanol percentage can be used in the 4d/5d overlays with others axis's set to multiple variables (RPM, MAP, ETC..). Would love to see an option on the Dual Fuel table as "Ethanol / E85" that requires a secondary table to be be set with Ethanol % as one axis and Fuel Table 1 vs Dual Fuel Table percentage as the other axis. Also this same type of feature could be mirrored into the Igntion side the house. Other item on my wish list is the option to setup an overlay using Ethanol % vs Trailing Split.  Can currently setup an overlay to adjust base timing vs ethanol percentage. Without the option to make adjustments to the trailing split for rotary engines this limits "true" optimization to either gas/petrol or ethanol.  Thanks
  3. Is it common for an OMP to 'click' prior to startup with this ECU?
  4. On the G4 RX model, is it also possible to have the OMP flow be auto adjusted based on Ethanol content? It's a dryer fuel than gas so wanting to offset that dryness by adding more flow through the OMP.
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