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  1. I personally have also experienced something close to this. ECU will intermittently disconnect on WOT pulls around 5-6k RPM. Logging on a Surface Pro running Windows 10. Confirmed running PCLINK 6.18.44 and up to date firmware on the StormX.
  2. If you're eyes aren't that great like mine and you still want to use the entire screen I found this: https://surfacetip.com/set-custom-resolutions-on-surface/ Option 4 using the "Custom Resolution Utility (CRU)" was the Magic Wand for me. With the resolution set to 1440 x 960 I can finally see everything properly without the scaling issues using the default / recommended resolution. I've attached the default layout adjusted for the 1440 x 960 resolution Default 1440 x 960.llfx
  3. Was looking over my setup and was curious if this is even a possibility. I've found the setup options within the PC Link software. But there isn't much info available on setting it up/wiring it in. Specifically I'm looking to ditch the factory Rx7 FD throttle body and upgrade to an LS style 90mm GM unit.
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