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  1. Rbmadhead

    Pops and bangs

    That has completely baffled me pal I’m not clued up on mapping
  2. Rbmadhead

    Pops and bangs

    Hi is it poss to put pops and bangs on a switch so can be turned on and off cheers And can I be done without a clutch switch thanks
  3. Changed plugs and now runs great many thanks for your help
  4. I see many thanks for help
  5. What is bap new to this cheers
  6. Rbmadhead

    Map sensor readings

    Hi was wondering what should my map sensor readings show on idle and with engine turned off many thanks
  7. I tried and car still runs rough think I’ll take plugs out and clean them up and try again
  8. Ok I will try these settings and let you know thanks for help
  9. The sensor is a aem And here is the tables And not sure if makes a big difference but max boost is 1.9 bar thanks for helping
  10. Hi still looking for any info looked into map sensor cal table and it say in bottom two tables 100kpa and then 200kpa
  11. Rbmadhead

    External map sensor

    I recently had a external map sensor fitted and a xs loom to do it how do I go into ecu and check the settings are correct as I have a misfire on high boost but runs ok and low just double checking please any chance of a beginners guide to check thanks for any help in advance
  12. I've read u can fit a internal 7 bar map sensor is this poss and who would I get to do it any recommendations local to midlands thanks
  13. Hi checked and the wireing from the old afm is 5v so can use that now how would I change over from internal to external cheers
  14. Has anybody got a link to the expansion harness I would need to buy as sounds a lot easier to do cheers
  15. Is there a guide to it as new to this pal and I read you can use 1 of the afm wires as they no longer used cheers
  16. Hi running a rb26 r32gtr and want to run external map sensor bought aem and was going to use the afm wireing is it easy to swap over from internal to external any help appreciated
  17. Rbmadhead

    Launch controll

    Hi was wondering how to turn launch controll of its rb26 if that makes any difference thanks for looking
  18. Rbmadhead

    Knock controll

    My ecu isn't a G4 storm it's a G4 only does this make any difference
  19. Rbmadhead

    Knock controll

    Yes I did get email thanks can I not use my original knock sensors to controll knock on a rb26 or do I need a external knock controll sensor thanks
  20. Rbmadhead

    Knock controll

    Hi I have a G4 on rb26 and was working out if my knock controll is turned on it's been mapped and runs fine just checking also new to this so please explain if poss in newbie terms also I need to fit a external map sensor how would I tell which output I could use thanks for any help
  21. Rbmadhead

    Map sensor checking

    Hi got a G4 on rb26 how do I check if map sensor is good as it's misfires badly and thinking this could be the problem it's a internally 5bar i think any help much apreciated thanks
  22. hi need a test on a ecu to check all is good anybody help we're to go plus pin 58 is wobbly any help much apreciated
  23. Rbmadhead

    Trigger probs

    hi got a rb26 and starting probs I have trigger kit and ecu shows trigger 1 and 2 working fine but car doesn't always see a rpm from engine cranking but if I keep turning off and on it will eventually get signal and start any idea I have got a video but not sure how to post thanks
  24. Rbmadhead

    Launch controll

    hi been told u can put a switch for launch controll 10way so can alter it by 200 rpm at a time what is the best switch to buy as wanting to fit it in a custom panel before I take it to be mapped any help be apreciated
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