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  1. TECH12

    Repeating Fault Code 75

    I believe I've added all those to be logged by the ECU. I will double check.
  2. TECH12

    Repeating Fault Code 75

    So i finally had time to try to get fault code 75 again with my original settings. the TP would trace well when i was in the right gear but when i upshifted and played with the throttle at low rpms the TP and Ethrottle target would go off going into limp mode. attached is my log.
  3. TECH12

    Repeating Fault Code 75

    i didnt see a TP/Target Error Accumulator, that was only an option if i had a E-throttle 2 sensor which i'm only running E-throttle 1. I wasnt able to drive the car since it was boxed in the garage due to a hail storm heading our way last night. I set the e-throttle set up mode on and played with the throttle to see if i could replicated the bouncing while coming off full throttle and it didnt seem to happen. I changed the settings to p-8.5 and D=40 and it looks like it made the TP and target further off.
  4. TECH12

    Repeating Fault Code 75

    CJ, Thank you for the input, i really appreciate it. I will add those parameters to my ecu logging and see I can replicate it on the street. Just curious are there parameters that you recommend being logged at all times for troubleshooting purposes? i know we are limited on the number when we are logging on the ECU. Adamw, Thanks, i will try to replicate the issue with the current settings with the additional parameters and then try adjusting the P&D settings to see if that works.
  5. TECH12

    Repeating Fault Code 75

    Attached is the log file, i had to compress it since it's over 10mb Log 2019-04-14 12;29;01 pm 2005 pedal.zip
  6. I'm running into an issue where i keep getting a fault code 75: Throttle plate position unable to maintain or achieve the desired target position. I've redone the TPS calibration procedure multiple times, i've replaced the throttle body with a new unit and i've switched out the accelerator pedal thinking it was that as well. This issue started happening after an alternator went out , it was replaced with a new one and that's when i've started having issues. This is mainly happening at the track. Before this weekend i replaced the throttle body with a brand new unit and i spent two 30 sessions this past weekend going around a track at slow speeds during the rain and there were no issues, no codes popped up so i thought the new throttle body fixed it. Once the track dried up i was able to go WOT and get on pace and that's when the code would start popping up and the car would go into limp mode. sometimes the car would go into limp mode right after turns where i'm feathering the throttle and then sometimes The fault code pops up randomly and i cant figure out why. 2005 R53 Mini cooper i have data logs of the last session and the map.
  7. Is it possible to display fault codes from a link G4+ to the Link dash2 pro when they come up?
  8. I have a return line set up on my R53 to run a flex fuel sensor on the return side. Like adam mentioned you will need to connect a regulator on the return side and then feed the hose back into the fuel tank. Revolution Mini Works has all the parts you'll need for install.
  9. Can you repost this .PNG it's not showing up any longer
  10. thanks i will email
  11. I'm having the same issue same car/unit, my a/c worked before the link ECU swap. I have a log which i can share. Who can i share with via email?
  12. TECH12

    Speedometer correction

    Thanks, so i will go to the chassis and body section and correct the speed -5%
  13. TECH12

    Speedometer correction

    The equaton is Calibration Number = (Number of Sensor Teeth / Wheel Diameter in meters) * 31.83... With my new diameter 15" which is 0.381 Meters. How do i figure out the number of sensor Teetch?
  14. I have a R53 Mini Cooper, I have a link G4+ extreme connected to a Dash2 Pro. I'm witching from 215/45/17 tires to 225/45/15 tires so i know the speedo is going to show a faster speed than i'm actually going. Is there a way to make this correction in the ECU?
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