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  1. BTW K-type thermocouple can directly be connected to the AIM MXS Strada analoge inputs. Then send it to the ecu over can if you need it there.
  2. Normal G4X has a different accel mode.
  3. Disagree, Link already has a whole bench of different wire in ECU's, like no other manufacturer. Price diff is not that biig between Furry and Thunder to add another one. 2x DBW and only 1x Lambda does not make sense in most applications. Thats my oppinion.
  4. Download the latest PC Link Verison on www.linkecu.com > support
  5. just download Motec Dash Manager and open it > Communication setup > add Expander Input, Expander output, Expander Diagnostic channel streams. > once added click on Edit. This will show all CAN settings.
  6. Other suggestion: Set all 0 cells to 25 Set Output activation to: ECT> 70 deg AND IAT >60deg OR Virtual AUX X = ON Virtual AUX X ECT >80 deg and IAT >50 deg OR ECT > 90 deg This should do the job just fine. I can not think of a situation where you have IAT> 60deg and ECT< 70deg. Btw don't see how the fan has any effect on IAT....
  7. Det tj He table higher than 25% and activation condition ECT > XX °C
  8. Are you sure the right boost table is active?
  9. I would no necessarly agree that pwm frequency has no inlfuence. Especially at such high frequency i'ts likely the current is not a nice square wave any more. If you zoom in with a oscilloscope the tace is looking more like a sinus curve (eges rounded). Means total energy in the coil of DBW Motor( area under the curve) is less., especially at low Duty Cycles. This behavior can be seen already with 50hz+ on a Hella PWM Relay.
  10. I don't see a point why not using automode. Properly tuned CL Lambda control does easy pass the test (give the cats are okay). I do that all the time. I wrote a thread with CL Lambda settings a while ago if you search the forum. However start with upfate rate of 1-3 and gain table =5
  11. mapper

    G4+ Fury, EVOX

    How have you managed the CAN Bus on this car?
  12. mapper

    Normalised knock

    I've helped with development of the new knock normalised mode and done lots of Beta testing. The Knock Normalised Mode has the big benefit that it will adapt to increased noise level, when your engine wear over time and consequently produce more background noise. In tradional mode this will lead to false knock detection. In general speaking Knock Normalised mode will adapt to changing background noise levels and should need less adjustment from engine to engine, once you have a good basemap worked out. It also allows better adjustment how much ignition retard is applied, based on knock
  13. Get sure you don't habe G4+ Software open at the same time!
  14. mapper

    MAP Level Triggering

    Use FP if it is connected to intake manifold. If not, it will work too, but VE are not representativ at part throttle. The Manifold pressure which is connected to the intake runner should also work if you apply some filtering in the MAP setup. But i don't know if the sync function still uses the raw (unfiltered) value of the sensor.
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