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  1. You can set up a number of switch options with the OEM Intercooler Spray switch if you still have it? If not, adding a couple of toggle switches for boost and ALS is the best option. Personally I set Launch as "on" with a Virtual Aux using water temp and throttle as conditions, but set it to be always on when these are true. Frees up a switch and really there is no harm in having a lower "stationary" rev limit / 2 step constantly active.
  2. Hi Long shot... Anybody got calibration data for a Peugeot / Citroen 1.6 16V (VTS) Coolant Temperature Sensor? The "Link 1/8NPT" seems close, but a bit low.
  3. I run a 4 bar gauge pressure sensor which I had a batch made for this purpose and EMAP.
  4. From OEM Wiring diagrams... Clutch switch is on Pin 43 Fuel Level is on Pin 46 Clutch switch will need swapping to Pin 46 to make it work with Link.
  5. Have you tried getting the car into boost yet and seeing if the sensor "comes alive". I know with the Garrett version they don't work at idle and light throttle as the turbo isn't spinning fast enough.
  6. Do you need a 4.6k pull up on this sensor for temperature? I'm sure it says that in the Bosch data sheet?
  7. Or even being able to customize FN / shortcut keys?
  8. Hi. I have the connectors or expansion looms in stock.
  9. Thank you. That is what I have set it to already. Again - thanks for your continued support!
  10. Thanks. On a Thunder, the DIs are Differential, so have + / - dedicated pins. Just trying to work out the wiring for the above on a Thunder?
  11. Thanks Adam. Would you use TPS as load?
  12. Hi Usually for mapping an ITB engine, I'd choose TPS vs RPM for fuel mapping. If adding boost, I'd add a 4d table for compensation. However, what about a supercharged engine with ITBs? Part of me thinks TPS as load is fine without 4d as boost will generally be related to RPM and throttle anyhow? Anybody done this and run with 4d? If so, any examples of the 4d table? Or would you just let the ECU do the "heavy lifting" in the background, bearing in mind boost cannot be changed like on a turbo charger?
  13. Hi This is on a Thunder... So no issue with frequency. Dean - did your 8v and pull down filter out the "odd" lower voltage pulses ok? So you used 8v to feed the sensor and 150Ohm resistor pulldown on signal wire?
  14. Hi Does anybody know of a wheel speed sensor that can pickup on the magnetic ABS rings in BMW hubs? The "stock" sensors are a bit smart and don't work with ECUs without considerable effort (don't actually work at all to be honest). To simplify things, we'd like to get a sensor that is at least 40mm long and picks up from the side of the sensor rather than the end. 8-10mm in diameter. Pickup Surface is 25mm from the mounting face and is 15mm long.
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