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  1. roger62

    Volvo V70 Petrol 1998

    Strange the 5 Cyl Petrol Turbo in Volvo is noe any project already, its a hugh of this on the market. I run with the original ECU together with Link so i think its impossible to get it too work. Probably we need to have the Electronic Throttle connected to the Link ECU. Anyone who have idea how this should be done?
  2. HI, Have anyone fitted Link ECU on this 5 cylinder engine before? Hope to get hep with a Startup map or this woork with Automatic gearbox?
  3. Hello anyone who have a start up map the V70 5 cyl. Petrol 1998 model year
  4. Have any one fitted a LINK PNP G4+ to a Subaru WRX 1999/2000 models with Wasted spark in combination with MSD DIS4 Unit. Engine start easy but both cylinder on Left side have not right Energy. if Injectors connectors pull off each one at the time normal on RH cylinder not on LH side, Comression normal,Spark good, <injectors good. Timing camshaft should also be good. Sparkplugs get black.
  5. roger62

    Mazda RX8 Wankel

    Did anyone have a Startup or Base map for LInk ECU G4+, Mazda RX8 Wankel Engine. about 2004 models
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