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  1. rb ali

    base maps

    Mint thanx for the help . save me hunits at the sparkys ...
  2. rb ali

    base maps

    I have the link g4+ plugin ecu . My engine is rb30det using a r32 25de head
  3. rb ali

    base maps

    OK. I am new as to this. Was planning to use a rb25de base map jus to make sure it would start and roughly idle on my 30 running a 25de head .. Would that not be the go. Just want to make sure everything is algud b4 I go to dyno
  4. rb ali

    base maps

  5. rb ali

    base maps

    hey, so I'm wondering and new to this (my 1st time with Linky) where do I get base maps ,do i just download . really want to make sure it starts before I get to dyno.. Need one for rb30det
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