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  1. Update. I've finally installed the aquamist HFS-3 water injection system and is all up and running. Controlled by the GP PWM map. Been up and running for about a week now on my MX5, no problems. http://vid4.photobucket.com/albums/y150/eunos93/KI55/VIDEO00531_zpsscdnc1ji.mp4 So this is one way to control the water injection via G4+.
  2. Ah, there it is! Just found the GP PWM DC map in the auxiliary output settings tree. Hadn't even seen that there before! Lots to work with now, thanks very much for the assistance fellas, you've really helped me a lot. I'm amazed at the versatility of the G4+.
  3. I'm going to try as you suggest. Thanks for the feedback!
  4. Hi all, I've been searching for some time now but I can't find an answer to my query. I have an aquamist HFS3 water injection system I plan on installing. There are various control strategies that can be used to control the aquamist HFS3. MAP with RPM, or injector duty cycle with MAP, etc. I believe I need either an RPM output or injector output, or ideally a configurable extra injector driver (with programmable duty cycle map). An extra fueling map (such as for controlling a 5th injector) would be ideal since it would allow complete control of the water injection i.e when it activates (load/rpm) and water flow rates. My previous ecu was e-manage ultimate, and despite its failings (as a piggy ecu) it did have an extra independently configurable map ("sub injector map", independent of fuel injector control map) that could be used to drive a high speed valve controller, which I used. I understand the G4+ will probably require a different control strategy since I can't find any reference to a 5th injector map or equivalent. HFS3 manual http://www.aquamist.co.uk/HFS3/manual/HFS3-v3.11w.pdf Can anyone recommend an workable approach? At minimum it looks like I need an injector signal, and I'd rather not splice into an existing injector wire. i.e. could I program one of the G4+ outputs to achieve this, and just run the duty cycle signal wire from the G4+ to the engine bay? Can the G4+ output a MAP signal (so I don't have to install an extra map sensor) that could be used as input to the aquamist system? How about RPM signal? Also, it would be handy to be able to control when the high speed valve (water injection) activates from pc link, if its possible. If there are no extra map features, then I'll just need to input MAP signal and injector duty cycle. Rather than installing another map sensor and splicing into the fuel injector harness, if the G4+ can output these signals then that would be a great plus. I could try the age old trial and error approach by accessing the G4+ and checking the configurable outputs, but I'd imagine the seasoned experts here could advise me! Any suggestion would be much appreciated, thank you!
  5. Aaron99

    Miata G4+ PnP

    E-mail received this morning. Completed the mod, only took approx. 20 min or so. You've been a great help, many thanks Simon!
  6. Aaron99

    Miata G4+ PnP

    Thanks Simon, PM sent.
  7. Aaron99

    Miata G4+ PnP

    Thanks Simon, thats really good news. I also received the pass code, thank you. I hand't realised the new knock block has been changed, I was thinking it was necessary for the knock input. I can cancel that order no problem, but keep the G4+. That seems like the best option. I'm very handy with a soldering iron, and have been building and designing my own printed circuit boards for years. Is this knock sensor top-board pin mod something I can do myself or is it strictly proprietory?
  8. Aaron99

    Miata G4+ PnP

    Hello all, First post here, I'm posting because I'm at my wits end . A couple months ago I purchased a brand new link G4+ from a Link e-bay vendor, and then discovered that the G4+ doesn't enable closed loop knock control for the mk1 Miata afterall, then learned I'd have to dole out for a KnockBlock. So I did, not long after i bought the G4+. I know many people with earlier model Links (flyin' miata variety) that do facilitate this feature, so I think I mostly assumed a later model G4+ would incorporate this no problem. Then seeing the advertising mentioning closed loop timing control, I didn't question it. 9 weeks later, still no KnockBlock, something to do with a loom problem or whatever with the manufaturer. Every week I hear back that it should be a week or two later (or still waiting on a reply back from Link, etc) - still no confirmation on a definitive date. This not some random ebay vendor, its the Ireland Link dealer, so I have no reason to doubt their sincerity. But I really can't afford to wait any longer to have this track car project wrapped up - everything else is ready to go (all mechanicals, WB AFR, etc) - but this is holding up everything, and is causing me a lot of trouble. I was planning on installing the G4+ today, but I was reading last week that there is some kind of code that is needed from the vendor (or Link), I e-mailed about it last week, they e-mailed Link but still no word back. Seems bizaare they woul send out the units without the code included.... So, seems unwise to start the ecu install without the code. Are my concerns valid or can I go ahead and install without the code? Interesting that the manual doesn't even mention this code - anywhere. Is there really no way to enable knock control on a mk1 (90-93 miata) PnP G4+? What about the KnockBlock, is it worth waiting for or just asking for a full refund? Its been a lot of waiting, but at this desperate stage I'd be happy to just write it off as a lesson learned and claw back my money (for both KB and g4+ ecu) before the 180 day paypal limit expires. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
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