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  1. Thanks for the reply, how do i check that? And is there something I'm looking for in particular?
  2. I cant seem to get any sensor to read consistently on the B connector, when i power the ecu it will read the sensor for a second then stop and say the input is at 5V. The same sensor will work fine in the A connector. Another thing i noticed is that the AN Temp 3 and 4 are flickering a value even tho they are turned off Is it a sensor ground issue? or something else? Thanks.
  3. Thank you very much, hopefully I can get this ecu regonised by my computer and get this project moving along
  4. Im in Adelaide, Australia, none of the dealers near me sell this cable and im trying to get this sorted quickly. Im capable of re wiring the connector, just need the pinout
  5. Any help would be great, need to get this ecu working to do some data logging on university project Cheers
  6. Hi Adam, Ive tried the drivers you suggested and the ecu now isnt even coming up in device manager. The usb cable I have isnt the oringnal one, possibly pinned out wrong? Could this cause damage to the ECU? To confirm the pinout of the connector on the ECU Pin 1 Not Used Pin 2 Not Used Pin 3 Data + Pin 4 Data - Pin 5 VCC +5V Pin 6 Ground As stated in the figure, looking into the connector on the ECU. Thank you for your help
  7. Hi, thanks for the reply It shows up in device manager as 'unrecognised device' Cheers
  8. I'm reading through the manual and I'm unsure if i need to power the +14 on the b connector. As the ecu was given to me I don't know what firmware its got to select the correct pc link software [ Board Rev 1.2 Serial #15929 ] Also when i connect it to the computer its unrecognised by the computer and doesn't try to install drives like the manual says. Can not update firmware as the program can't find the ecu I don't know any history on it and don't even know if its working Any help would be great, i just want to see if its working Cheers
  9. I just got given a G4 Xtreme ecu (red one), im not sure of the condition of it as the previous owner had no history on it. It didnt come with any cables or connectors. Ive had a quick read through some of the instructions and i cant seem to find a clear answer to my question For me to connect the ecu via usb do i need to have the ecu powered up from the AMP connectors? or will the usb power up the ecu letting me connect to it? I ask this as i need to buy the ECU USB cable and Id rather not spend money on the AMP connectors before i know it works. Cheers
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