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  1. Warchild

    cold start help

    Hi there ! This car is perfectly tuned yes ( Fuel map ) etc if that is what you are asking. just the cold start Issue, for that 5-10 odd seconds, from there it is 100% fine, almost like a delay or decay setting or something I have NO idle control because the the idle valve I have (standard) is not even on the list of available units to choose from ???
  2. This port is for future help needers, attach the base map, I have a tuned map as well Subaru WRX V7 G4+ Xtreme Plugin.pclr
  3. Warchild

    cold start help

    Hi guys Attached my ecu file for this car. Which value do I need to increase please: Problem: On cold start, car starts on first swing, I checked the AFR and it was 16.5 which is VERY lean , but only for like 5-10 seconds, then all of a sudden idles smooth and AFR is at 11.5 which is perfect, so pre-crank, crank enrichment is fine. I tend to believe I need something more or better in post start enrichment or warm up enrichment? Many thanks in advance Edit; Perhaps the Post Start enrichment table ? 2018-09-13-3.pclr
  4. Ok great news ! Many thanks!
  5. problem sorted after MAP calibration and CORRECT MAP sensor selected (which became available after firmware upgrade), Many thanks !
  6. Warchild

    G4 MAF ecu to MAP

    Hi Guys We have a Skyline R32 with a G4 ecu unit installed. Upon checking it out, we notice that this is a "MAF" configured ECU. We would like to use MAP and not MAF, do I need a firmware file from you guys ?
  7. Good day guys Quick question. The base Map file that is included with the program, how safe is the " Ignition Table 1" configuration that is programmed by default? My logic tells me that Link ECU guru's that do the programming will put an overly safe Ignition table for the Base MAP ? Kindly confirm ? The car I am busy with has such a loud exhaust and can't find a proper spot for an aftermarket knock sensor to monitor. This is now for a 2002 Subaru WRX STI (V7) ... Next we need to check a R32 Skyline
  8. Where do I find the firmware please for my ecu ? Sorry, I see now, the firmware comes with the PC link updated version, will download latest one available and do that thank you
  9. FFS ..... Knock knock .... whos there? Dumb ... Dumb who ... Warchild you dumb ASS !! Thank you
  10. This car is at the coast yes, what must be done to calibrate the UNIT ? Attached my current ecu config file 2018-09-12-subaru-sti-2002.pclr
  11. Hi Adam My An6 is 1.61v ???? My ecu as per Link ECU invoice is : 229-1000 WRX9+ , Subaru WRX & STI V7-9
  12. LOL thanks bud, I thought the same thing 5 minutes after my post ... could you perhaps help on the MAP sensor calibration issue ?
  13. Hi Richard I click on the top menu bar "ECU Controls" and then on the bottom " MAP Sensor Calibration" Then under my AN Volt 6 - MAP Sensor I have selected the " Link 3 Bar" and MAP sensor type. AN6 Error Low = 0.05v AN6 Error High = 4.95v An6 Error Value = 100kPa Sensor works 100% yes, changes in value when blowing or connecting it.
  14. Good day guys Please assist with the MAP sensor calibration. I bought the Link ECU map sensor (3 bar) part number 101-0069 MAP3 with my ecu I noticed while mapping, the Boost controller (GFB) and the ecu fuel/MAP table BOOST does not compare 100% So I just turned on the ignition to compare the reading of both the boost controller and the line ecu I noticed that while the car is just ignition on, not started, the GFB boost controller shows -0.09 which is fairly close, but the link ecu MAP sensor shows 32Kpa I tried doing the built in MAP sensor calibration, while the ignition is just turned on, but the error message pointed to the fact that the MAP sensor reading must be less than 0.5 I think Any ideas ?
  15. Hi guys Please assist My 2002 Subaru WRX STI have a weird starting issue, IT SEEMS when cold as it started the past two days doing it. I have installed a brand new Rally SPEC bottom end ordered from Subaru JAPAN. Before this my engine was a 93mm bored folly forged motor (incase it makes a difference) I have been mapping the car this past week as the AFR is way out. Like this morning I started the car, and started first time no problem. So no cold start issue it seems. I wanted to calibrate my MAP sensor and I had to turn the engine off, turn on the ignition and then do the MAP calibration. Tried starting afterwards and it just swings and no start?? I had to push start the car to drive off Last night when I started the car, I think I was too quick to release the ignition key, car barely idled and died. Tried starting again directly afterwards, and just swings and no start as well, took me 5 minutes to eventually start the car ... Please help ?
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