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  1. I found the problem :-) it was something wrong in the trigger setup, sync pulse was set to Cam. but it should be set to None :-) Now maybe its time to celebrate Christmas :-) :-) have been working on this car none stop all week an last weekend :-) Thanks for help everyone :-D and merry merry Christmas :-D
  2. Hello I just bought a vw golf 1.8 16v g60 car and I am wiring up the Link g3. there is no spark and on PC link it looks like there is no Rpm signal. i have measured with scoop on the yellow cabel for trigger 1 and it is changing between 5 and 0 volt when cranking but no life on Rpm meter on pc. maybe there is some wrong adjustment on pc link? it is spark when i try ignition test. realy hope someone has some tip for me to try :-)
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