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  1. It's a no go unfortunately. The part is no longer in stock and the supplier no longer makes them.
  2. Hi all, I have a 1994 MX5 supercharged with a 'MiataLink', which as I understand it is based on the G1 Link ECU. These use a custom air temp sensor which modulates a signal based on temperature (Pulse Width Modulated, PWM). My sensor has appeared to have failed and thought I'd ask here on the slim chance that a) Link has any in stock b. someone has one sitting in their shed? Cheers
  3. Ok I'll give that a go....Is there a riisk that the ECU will 'fight' changes to the CAS timing though? I noticed however that the graphic in dataloglab was initially showing 10 degrees, then changing to 5 Degrees also...?
  4. Just a bit more info and another question. The DatalogLab file indicates IADV (Ignition advance) is set to 10 Degrees in the ECU (at idle), which is standard- I don't need or want to change that, I just need to adjust the physical timing through the CAS to match that. Is it still possible to get the required signals to a timing light by using the method you'd use on a standard ECU? (i.e. jumper between GRND and TEN in the diagnostics port)
  5. A bit of a thread revive sorry. How do I set the timing with a 'MiataLink'? (i.e. I understand you're no long able to use the jumper-connections as you would normally on a mx5 to connect a timing light) I have a miataLink but no handcontrolller. I can connect/log through the serialLink using the 'Data Log Lab' program. I also have the 'PCLink' software (v2.5) and a serial to USB cable through virtual COM port 4 but can't seem to connect to the ECU that way. In the Tuning instructions (https://www.flyinmiata.com/support/instructions/ecu/ECU_tuning.pdf), page 7, it states that you've got to match the CAS timing with the value in the ECU but only mentions how to access the set-timing mode through the hand controller. I marked the CAS position on the old engine before transferring it across but, silly me, a) marked it on the back of the engine where I cant see it and b. marked including the washer (which moves). Any ideas how I can connect to the MiataLink ECU so I can set/check the timing using a timing light?
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