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  1. ahizou

    L15A trigger

    "Did you try + or - 360deg to your trigger offset?" yes, I tryed I reviewed the wiring The engine started.   It reached 2000 rpm However, it did not idle. 0611.pclr
  2. ahizou

    L15A trigger

    Thank you "Trigger error count" is goneI set "trigger offset" correctly and tried starting.but, the engine does not start Ignition is being done Thank you
  3. ahizou

    L15A trigger

    thank you Trigger Scope Log.llg
  4. ahizou

    L15A trigger

    hi i'm Japanese i have link g4 storm I am in trouble by trigger error count trigger setting   do not know use k20a preset There was a person I could not use it l15a trigger scope     I saw it. The waveform is different from the TDC of the image that was in the k20 forum The waveform is generated only on the + side Is wiring different? I want to solve it thank you
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