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    Tomei Rb28 Pro Cams

    Would you happen to have purchased your injectors from NZEFI? I ask because I have these injectors and I've had some trouble getting them to idle correctly. They are supplied with short pulse width adder data that seems to indicate negative numbers, however I suspect that neither these numbers, nor the minimum effective pulse width should be negative.
  2. Thanks Blaine, I'm finding that if I target a slightly richer AFR and try to keep the injector's actual pulse width above 1.54 it smooths out a lot. I think I'll leave the pulse width adder alone unless it's absolutely necessary.
  3. Thank you both for taking a look at it. It's a strange feeling at idle; the idle speed is completely stable but I can feel it sort of stumbling or missing a little. It doesn't feel like a misfire, more like driving a car that has a dirty MAF sensor. I'll try increasing the MAP lockout value. Also, would filling in the Short Pulsewidth Adder data for the injectors help at all? I tried doing so but since the car has already been tuned without it, the values provided with the injectors make the whole map go lean.
  4. Thanks, I'll attach a log file below. After looking at the AFR with the car warmed up it's actually pretty close to the target but the idle still doesn't feel very smooth and if I play back this log file and look at the main fuel table it appears just as you've described, that the vacuum signal is fluctuating. Would it have any positive effect if I even out the values in the idle area of the fuel table (4 cells between -70 to -60 MGP, 750 to 1000 RPM)? Log 2017-06-18 2;01;17 pm.llg
  5. Hi, I recently had my car mapped by an "old school" Japanese tuner who is accustomed to dealing with the HKS V-Pro; mine is the first Link he has ever done. The car made good power on the dyno and runs well, but the idle is just a little bit more lumpy than I would expect and I'm wondering if someone wouldn't mind taking a look at the map. The tuner says the injectors are to blame but I want to make sure there isn't anything else that could be cleaned up at all. The engine is an RB26dett running multiple throttles and stock turbos with Bosch EV14 1000cc injectors and R35 GT-R ignition coils. It has been mapped using MGP as the main fuel table load axis with a secondary table overlay to compensate according to throttle position. Closed loop lambda is set to on and the sensor works great but for some reason the gain is set to 0. Increasing the gain to about 5% causes a tendency for the engine to swing lean at idle. I would greatly appreciate any help or advice anyone can offer! 5-31-2017.pclr
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