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  1. Hi guys, update on what the issue was. Got my guy that wired the ECU for me to check everything. All was okay. So posted the ECU off to my local link dealer to test. The sent it straight back to HQ for further testing & repair. Turns out the 5v chip had de soildered it’s self fromthe board. All sorted within a week and sent back to me today hopefully! Id just like to say a thanks to dave and Kieran from Link uk&Ireland as they were a massive help! And the service link provide is extremely efficient top job guys!
  2. The car is going back to my wiring guy this week so he will have a look at that for me. Thanks for your input! Thanks for that Adam, I’ll have a look and report back if I find anything Thanks
  3. So, as above help required! I have a 1uzfe powered bmw e36, built for drifting. I was on track on sat evening and all was going good for the first 5-6 runs. Then something strange happened with my ECU.. all of my sensors are reading maximum everything.... now I had the guy from Link UK have a look at it and he has suggested common ground may be the issue. I just wanted to know if anyone else has ever had this issue? Ill attach A pic of my laptop screen to show this. The car will still start but fuels in the 8.9-9.3 area so I’m guessing the ECU has went into a ‘safe mode’ I dunno I’m slightly confused by the whole thing! Haha Any help is appreciated Thanks alot Ross
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