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  1. damla

    sensor connection cable size/type

    do you know if anyone has had any issues with the aem 150psi sensors being stamped 150psi but actually being 100psi? ive connected one to my fuel pressure but when i setup the calibation as per the 150psi sensor it reads quite a bit out from my mechanical gauge, if i change the calibration settings to suit the 100psi sensor it reads pretty damn close to the mechanical gauge. ive tried using cal 4 with input a 0.5v input b 4.5v output a 0psi output b 150psi and using cal 10 with the values from the aem sensor calibration sheet, and the both read the same incorrect value. i know its not a link sensor but thought you may have encountered this before. cheers.
  2. damla

    sensor connection cable size/type

    G4+ gtr/gts model
  3. damla

    sensor connection cable size/type

    excellent, thank you. also with the xs expansion header #1 pins 7 & 8 are labelled an temp sensor input, does that mean i can connect an 5v oil temp sensor to this? im putting in oil and fuel pressure sensors that will be connected to pins 5 & 6 (an volt 8 & 2) and hoping i can connect temp sensor to 7 or 8 to avoid a second expansion loom at this point.
  4. damla

    sensor connection cable size/type

    quick question, for connection of analog pressure/temp sensors etc what cable type/size is recommended? im assuming screened is best option or does it not matter for connection of these sensors? and size wise is 0.25mm2 cores ok or should i go 0.5mm2? apologies if this has been covered but ive had a search and cant seem to find it, new to the link world so go easy on me . Cheers in advance.