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  1. Great info! I'm working on a 1.5L jetski engine which idles at 1700rpm so I wonder if it even gets that low in pulse width.
  2. I'm working with Bosch EV14 (0280158040) injectors but don't have the short pulse width data for them. Can I still get a good low rpm tune going without this data? Thanks
  3. jetape

    Confirming LC2 wiring

    Ah thank you, good thing I asked.
  4. jetape

    Confirming LC2 wiring

    Hi guys, I've been reading and noticed references to grounding sensors to the ECU. Does that mean I should hook up the LC2 controller ground to the ECU? The ECU can handle the current required to heat up the sensor? Also, I want to hook up a fuel pressure sensor, the same ground on the ECU can be shared correct? Thanks
  5. jetape

    V88R3 knock logging speed?

    Hmm I looked up Riva, limited, documentation and they only mention logging up to 50Hz. Perhaps it's just outdated and more recent firmware has 100Hz option.
  6. Does anyone know at what speed does Vipec V88R3 log knock? I believe the R3 uses G4+ internals.