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  1. Yeap identical settings, here is a screen shot of the app, it would be hard to make a mistake. I also tried lower and higher baud rates, on both ends, but no change.
  2. What are the serial specs/requirements to establish a connection between the ECU and PCLink? I want to connect over LAN using serial over tcp virtual com. PCLink is able to see the virtual com port but it doesn't seem to be connecting. RealDash on the other hand is able to connect and read data when connecting directly to the port at the server side. Config the com port is using: Rate: 115200 Parity: None Data Bits: 8 Stop Bits: 1 Flow Control: None Buffer Size: 8192
  3. I'm guessing it's not possible to have both an android dash connected and pclink at the same time through a usb hub? Also, is it be safe to use a powered usb hub with the ECU? Would the dash software be able to receive data and be charged at the same time? Thanks
  4. Too bad, any chance this could be added in the future? Seems like a fairly simple thing to implement that would be handy to have.
  5. Is there a way to clear individual statistics? I need to keep track of engine run time but would like to clear the others.
  6. jetape

    Am I seeing knock here?

    Ah so I checked and my tune is set not to clear knock i-trim tables on power ON so my logs are running into it every time. It doesn't appear it be really knocking, the trim gets removed as the pull continues Not sure when I managed to create this trim entry, heck I haven't even been to 9000 RPM this year, other than over-rev when catching some air on the ski.
  7. jetape

    Am I seeing knock here?

    Here is ECU log at 100Hz, cyl 3 gets knock trim at section time 14:08 https://www.dropbox.com/s/tw1019p16bw8ywa/ecu2.llg?dl=0 Why is that cylinder getting trimmed if the log shows that cylinder having the lowest value for knock level out of all. Knock counters don't change, the only change I see is knock trim activation for cyl 3. I'm running pretty conservative timing for this motor at this RPM so I'm not sure why this is kicking in. Gas is good.
  8. jetape

    Am I seeing knock here?

    I thought knock threshold has to be breached for it to register as knock, also the counters didn't increment ...why is that?
  9. I see knk trim being applied but no change in knock counter and it seems to be still below knock threshold. Full log is here https://www.dropbox.com/s/wvolrc0xgtij6vm/Log 2018-09-1 4%3B45%3B12 pm.llg?dl=0
  10. That PCLink version has been pulled due to connection issues to older firmware it seems. Try previous release.
  11. Day 2 nothing was changed below 2500 RPM and yeah idle was also leaner for some reason, here are the two maps that logged the above. Day 1: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4p7rjyjir2umgt4/custom18.8.pclr?dl=0 Day 2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/daeukycmffrr72d/custom19.pclr?dl=0 Could some kind of a boost/vacuum leak cause the weirdness between the two days? I did have my intake piping between the intercooler and throttle body out but I'm 100% sure everything went back in tight and sealed, it's only 4 clamps.
  12. Here are the logs, the weird part is I added fuel after looking at day 1 log ...but it went way leaner everywhere. I'm using LC2, I've dealt with ground offset and I have it span 0.1-4.9v 11-15 afr so any small differences would be tiny. Day 1 (first pic): https://www.dropbox.com/s/q7ndo9g9bs5ghav/a6.llg?dl=0 Day 2 (second pic): https://www.dropbox.com/s/lvrssjd5dldb13x/x1.llg?dl=0
  13. A little confused after my latest tweaking to my VE table, this is on a jetski. I went out and logged a bunch of RPM steps, at 5k I saw AFR of 13.55 versus target 13.39 so I made a tiny adjustment and added 1 VE point (I expected to overshoot to the rich side a bit) Two days later I go and instead of seeing AFR drop I see a massive increase. Even though I increased the VE values in the affected cells my AFR went from mid 13s to low to mid 14s. What the heck, same effect at other RPM points I modified. I log fuel pressure and it did not change, the elevation on day two increased by about 150m. Nothing else in the tune was changed, just a bunch of fuel cells. Images below show the fuel table on both days, day 1 and day 2 respectively, hard to see behind the cursor on day 1 but the values were 88.2 (increased to 89.2 on day 2) and 89.9 (increased to 90.8 on day 2). What could be happening here?
  14. Any chance of a quick patch or some dev build developers could share, unofficial, that corrects it?
  15. jetape

    'Save All' logs

    Keyboard shortcut that you can quickly hit to save the current log in the default location with auto generated timestamp filename. Shift-key option to save just like above but also restart the logging so you're in a new log. Right now I have to stop log, save as, close log, start recording.
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