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  1. Yes that's true, I've dealt with ground offset last season and the actual AFR readings track perfectly between what the ECU sees, my stand alone gauge shows and the Innovate software shows right from the LC2. Something to try, I've spent so much time trying to make sense of the VE table reactions last season its crazy. It takes a lot of effort and time to tune these since not like a car you can't just hop into it and drive around whenever you want. Can't even tune idle without being in the water since there's no load on the motor while on trailer. Also had a suggestion on hpacademy forum to lower the response time of LC2 a bit which I'll try as well. Going from MGP to TP as load as well.
  2. 14point7 is actually a local guy in my city, I looked at them before but went with LC2 due to the two configurable analog outputs I can use for the ecu and standalone gauge at the same time. I would say it's not an air leak because it runs fine with stock ECU, it would most likely have a high idle if there was a leak with stock ECU. I think. Can't use CAN This marine version of G4+ has only a single canbus module and that's used up to make the build in jetski functionality work. No alternator, ignition noise I'm not sure how would one test for this?
  3. Injector data was copied from the "G4+ Storm Black Sample" basemap which is supposed to be using the same Bosch ev14 040 injectors as I'm using.
  4. It's a short ground to the battery. It doesn't feel like it's a display issue, I can be holding the throttle dead steady and afr will bounce up and down as will the rpm by 200-250. I'm not running closed loop so what LC2 sends should not be having any effect on it's own.
  5. All 3 cylinders are definitely firing just fine. AFR is definitely bouncing all over the place while I'm riding and holding RPM. I'm using LC2 as the controller which sends signal to the ecu and a stand alone gauge. I know some people don't like these controllers but they can't be this bad can they?
  6. I'm running a G4+ based vipec on a jetski (3cyl 1.5L supercharged). I've struggled all of last season to make it do what I want/expect. I did a rebuild over the winter and thought maybe a fresh start this season would make things more sane, but it's not the case. No matter what I do a cannot get adjacent RPM columns to tune without affecting each other to the point I can't get them to follow my AFR target by 1-2 AFR points. I think I tried everything, doing it live on the jetski with a tablet, logging, mixture map, everything. I can spend hours riding around logging, stopping and applying corrections based on mixture map to cells that have 1000+ hits. Ride some more and log then again do mixture map corrections and it will break previously tuned areas. I did live tuning with a tablet and blutooth keyboard and adding/removing values from cells as I hold a specific RPM. Move to next column and do the same, then try to go back to previous and it's all messed up with 1-2 AFR shifts in the transient RPM range and the final cell. I tried smoothing, interpolating, nothing seems to be working. Countless hours trying things, big changes small changes it always ends up going in circle of tuning one spot and breaking another and not being able to correct it without breaking something else. This can't be this hard, I've done flash tuning before where adjusting the fuel table actually made sense in the results. I'm lost, I really don't want to dump this ECU because I like how much control it provides but I can't spend another season tuning every outing Anything obvious that could be causing me so much grief? Only thing I can think of is maybe my injector data is wrong but I copied the settings from one of the base maps which is supposed to have used the same Bosch 0280158040 injectors. Attached is a map/log I just tested where I was trying to tune 2000-3000 rpm. 3.pclr Log 2019-06-2 3;19;15 pm.llg
  7. Thank you for the response, shoot pretty disappointing as I had everything ready to go and really wanted these sensors. I don't suppose there would be a way to have a custom map file edited by dev team to make it listen for egt-to-can on CAN 2 no matter whats already on it. Loooong shot I know Thanks
  8. Any chance of being provided the info whats behind a predefined mode so I could replicate it using user defined mode and add egt along with it?
  9. I know it's a long shot but going to ask... Is there some way to add a user defined option to a predefined Mode in CAN setup? I have a vipec V88R3 ecu which I always thought had 2 CAN modules since it has CAN H/L pins on one of it's expansion ports. "CAN 1" was blank in the config and "CAN 2" is configured to use a predefined mode for the jetski so my assumption was CAN 1 was the expansion port. I wanted to run EGT sensors so I picked up thermocouples and EGT-to-CAN module. It works fine if I configure CAN 2, "receive kms egt can", to use it but that means I have to disable jetski mode which is just not an option. From my testing using a can-debugger it seems the expansion port CAN interface is just a line to tap into the bus and not a second module. I can get the EGT data onto the bus, I just have no way of telling the ECU it's there. Am I out of luck with this?
  10. Yeap identical settings, here is a screen shot of the app, it would be hard to make a mistake. I also tried lower and higher baud rates, on both ends, but no change.
  11. What are the serial specs/requirements to establish a connection between the ECU and PCLink? I want to connect over LAN using serial over tcp virtual com. PCLink is able to see the virtual com port but it doesn't seem to be connecting. RealDash on the other hand is able to connect and read data when connecting directly to the port at the server side. Config the com port is using: Rate: 115200 Parity: None Data Bits: 8 Stop Bits: 1 Flow Control: None Buffer Size: 8192
  12. I'm guessing it's not possible to have both an android dash connected and pclink at the same time through a usb hub? Also, is it be safe to use a powered usb hub with the ECU? Would the dash software be able to receive data and be charged at the same time? Thanks
  13. Too bad, any chance this could be added in the future? Seems like a fairly simple thing to implement that would be handy to have.
  14. Is there a way to clear individual statistics? I need to keep track of engine run time but would like to clear the others.
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