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David SR20VET

Sr20vet ignition table

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Attached you can find a copy of the map. As mentioned it is very basic as I'm just running the engine in.

It is a S14 SR20 DET sub-assembly with the SR20VE P11 oil pump and head.

-Running pump fuel in South Africa (95 octane) with 950 cc bosch ev14 injectors.

-Turbo is a garrett gt2860. Wanting to run 1 bar boost

-SR20DET 8.5:1 CP pistons with Brian crower rods - Compression ratio is 9.22:1

-Standard P11 Sr20ve cams

-Car is intended for street use with the future goal to be track use.

If you can give input on turbo waste gate actuation etc. it would also be appreciated.

If you need any more detail let me know.

Map 06.11.2017-2nd drive.pcl

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I would start by using a 2D boost table so you get a start point. Start at low DC% say 20 then work up. If you have a 1 bar wastegate spring you may find it spikes over 1 Bar when the cams switch, just watch that. 

I run KPA on the ignition table, I would also strongly suggest you have some sort of knock detection as this is a cropped version of mine, and my setup is slightly different. But you get the idea of the shape

sr20vet ignition sample.lte

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HI Ducie54

Thanks for the previous info. Slowly but surely making progress with the map. Unfortunately been away so haven't spent as much time as I would have liked.

I need some advice on the cam activation. Can you give me a general guideline as to when you bring them in. I currently had the intake set to come in at 4500 rpm, 50% TPS and MAP 140KPa. (Haven't actually got to this so never had the cams switch before.)

I haven't much thought about the exhaust although i set in a similar fashion just at a higher RPM of 7000.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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I would set both the same at 5000rpm as a start point. You ideally need to tune this on the dyno watching the torque the power.

I noticed if you switch them too early the lambda goes rich and you need a low VE number to fix it. Mine leans out at 5000rpm. I needed another cell at 5150 

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