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  1. Thank mate, much appreciated
  2. Fantastic, thank you very much. Is there a way to keep the launch on the di3? And use it it for high low boost, i noticed on the log the ignition was going down a lot but wasnt too sure why...kind regards It is all ok now thank you. I just assigned virtual aux 1 to the launch. Will test it tomorrow. Havn't messed with the map in a few months as cars been in bodyshop, amazing what you can forget :).
  3. Hi all, Can anyone take a quick look at this for me. Cars running 10% meth and methanol injection. Was running fine on high boost but wanted to make a low boost map so i did and moved the settings of the high boost to DI3 along with slightly modified ignition. The low boost runs fine no issues however on the higher boost setting i get missfire at 4k approx revs every time. Can anyone see any issues? Ignore the lambda values as they dont take into consideration the METH / the AEM wideband isnt verygood IMO. Any ideas? Cheers Log 2020-06-6 6;28;39 HB prob low.llg
  4. Hi Adam , fantastic thanks for your help. Im using traditional method so applied the percentage across the entire range. Regards
  5. Hi all, If ive done a good tune on 100 percent petrol 99 ron and add 10% meth to the tank, what's the approximate ball park figure I'd need to add to the fuel table.?i was going to try 5 percent everywhere and then adjust through trial and error. Car also runs methanol injection, would there be much difference if ran straight pump fuel 99 ron?
  6. Hi all, How good or bad is the base map for the r33 gts? Does anyone have another map they are willing to share? Regards
  7. Hi all , does anyone have knock control setup on a v1 v2 impreza, if so could i have a look at your settings and use them as a baseline (i know the knock level could be different on different engines)? Kind regards
  8. Fantastic will give this a go. Thanks a million Phil
  9. Hi all , After setting up launch control on v1 v2 impreza, id like it to engage when stopped without the need for a switch. Please can someone help? Regards Phil
  10. Thanks for this. I presume I just cut the part if the loom that goes to the relevant pin and stick a switch with earth on one side, so it's either grounded or not. Sorry I'm fairly new to this. Got my head round mapping the car etc. Just struggling with additional features. Regards
  11. I've also got a impreza ej20 v2. With the aem meth kit. I've yet to link it upto the g4+ yet, but pretty sure you can set it up so when it fails (I had a faulty wiring harness which caused intermittent cutouts) you can set it up as a input to give you a different boost/fuel table. There's probably a whole load of options and I'd be interested in seeing what any else has done.
  12. Hi all. I've attached the pinouts for the v1 impreza however I don't understand which ones they are? Or is there another wire I can use? I'm after adding another digital input to have two boost levels low/high. I understand the digital inputs will be a switch to ground / isolate that input. If anyone can help. The car has no ac. Regards Phil
  13. Hi all thanks for the help. New cam sensor and she fired up first turn. ☺
  14. Hi thanks very much for the reply. I've switch to the standard ecu just now to determine if there was an issue with ecu but it's exactly the same so I can rule the ecu out now. Definitely looking like a trigger problem so will have a look at the video now ☺ and swap ecu back to the link. Thanks again
  15. Hi I've been looking at the car all day. In the software trigger 1 is OK but nothing shows for trigger 2?..should I have both? I've checked I have ignition at the coil but no signal to the coils? Tomorrow I'm going to fire the coils using the tthe software.. See if I get a spark. Is there any thing else I can check? Kind regards
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