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  1. Thanks for your input AdamW. Is it then possible/recommended to remove the DI and just have port injection take care of the fueling. I know this is taking a step backwards but at least i do not need to deal with the complications of DI...
  2. Hi guys Noobie question here, sorry about this but I am baffled about a few things. I am running a Lexus with 1UR-FSE with D-4S. Am I able to setup the Xtreme just to control the port injection while the factory ECU is retained to control the direct injection? So in other words, the Xtreme is used as a piggy back. Referencing this thread Here, I know it is possible but I am not sure how this works now with direct injection present. Just to put this in context, my plans include a custom plenum to accommodate a M122 supercharger. Higher boost requires more fueling which I am hoping to achieve with a custom fuel rail and larger injectors. Thank you very much.
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