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  1. Hi all have an evo 8 which has been tuned around 5 months went to inspect the logs and noticed the lambda signal missing, traced back and found where it happened can any one shed some light on this, please see attached log, It goes % TP delta lockout then Map delta lockout then lambda average error having trouble uploading log file to big?? EVO 8 MR 285KPA 2.0 OWEN D ID1050X.pclr
  2. Thanks guys Bypass it is Appreciate your help
  3. Hi all I'm installing pnp g4x and changing injectors for id 1050x should I be removing the factory ballast resistor even though there's 12v to the injectors ignition on, sorry for dumb question just curious as not everyone with high impedance injectors removes said piece on evos, any problems without removing it?
  4. Hi guys Installing a monsoon g4x and it only has 2 An temp inputs I want 4 inputs for additional oil temp and fuel temp im using the bosch combined pressure/temp sensors and have run anvolt 1 and 2 to the temp pins on connector,how do I wire an external pull up resistor please Many thanks
  5. Hi all First time setup on sequential gearbox with dbw, I've had no issue setting up flat shift but I'm struggling with auto blip, unsure of what to input for blip solenoid with e throttle Many thanks Adam TOYOTA 2JZ S15 1050X E THROT GTX37R DYNO VVT CHANGE FLAT SHIFT.pclx
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    hi Adam please see attached pictures tune to follow, i have 3v down can H and 2.06 down can L there are no errors in can bus one or two, link can lambda selected,1mbit, 950 id apply search for devices lambda one not found TOYOTA 2JZ S15 1050X E THROT GTX37R.pclx
  7. Hi can some one help, just installed a extreme x ecu and can lambda, i have wired up as per manual, i have the can lambda module earthed back at battery and direct power with fused relay power side is ok, ive used can 1 in the plug below tuning port for can H/L these are in pin 3 H pin 4 L ive used a piece of link trigger wire for can bus will this be spiralled enough for can bus? it runs no where near other wiring, after following setup can module not found ive gone through the steps 20 times and no talky!! please help many thanks Adam
  8. just to update after closer inspection found crank sensor had a hair line crack on mounting flange allowing it to move a little hence trigger errors, new sensor no errors and perfect response to rpm limit thanks for help Adam
  9. hi Adam it was running it has captured it opens when i open it ill try again, whats your thoughts on log file? it has 3 triggers errors occur when approaching limiter limiter set at 7500 and cuts at 7200 and goes down to 6800,the trigger issues worry me more than limiter as it jumps around aproaching the rev limit changing fuel delivery and ignition values hence me asking about trigger errors TriggerScopeLog b18c idle.llgx TriggerScopeLog.llgx HONDA B18C TURBO 2.llgx
  10. TriggerScopeLog b18c idle.llgx ALP B18C4 TURBO GT3076r 1000CC 1.3bar.pclx
  11. Hi all I have a b18c boosted, running COP with a crankshaft position sensor running off a 32-1 tooth setup, car runs great and pulls hard but is picking up trigger errors, its on a magnetic sensor (2 wire), it also feels a little sluggish off the limiter, it picks up errors here and rpm drops on log 7200-6600 any advice appreciated Thanks Adam HONDA B18C TURBO 2.llgx
  12. Hi all First post looking for some advice quick run down 2ltr vf34 96 gc8 fully built motor standard yellow side feed injectors link g4+ v1/2, I've tuned road/track car's for a few years first time with restrictor any ideas how to make the most of it, I've only managed 245bhp 240ftlb at 1bar and it's not picking up quick enough is there a certain way to tune restrictor engine's in terms of ignition or is it as normal find peak power an that's your lot? Without restrictor made 296bhp 282ftlb any help or feedback much obliged I'm scratching my head a lot at the min reluctant to push more boost before gaining at lower numbers, any estimates on power out puts expected with restrictor? Many thanks Adam
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