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  1. The car uses Tilton pedal box with twin cylinders and is itself built for drift competition, so, no worries about vacuum.)))
  2. Good day to all. Thanks for all advice, it's been very helpful. I fixed the RPM surge on startup and now both E-throttle and Idle Control are working nicely. Also I have setup the Anti-Lag, just to try it out. It is definitely working, even with rough tables. But not sure I made everythin even roughly correct, so, now I need to tune it and I am not sure which way to go. Can anyone take a look at the setup and suggest what's wrong and what's not? Vesta_e-throttle_PC_06_09_anti lag RAW3.llg Vesta_e-throttle_final_anti lag RAW_06_09.pclr
  3. Also have an unrelated question: I have started tu set up Anti-lag and to arm It I wanted to use a button on my CAN keyboard (running a PMU and keyboard connected to my Link Fury via canbus), but, as I understood I cannot use CAN Digital input to arm and disarm Anti lag. I have to use an actual switch connected to one of available digital inputs. Am I right?
  4. Good day to all. Finally, I have been able to record a startup log. I have tweaked Idle tables as well as Ethrottle target at zero AP (Main) and RPM surge on startup got a little better. But still, at first RPM rise and then slowly get lower to the target RPM set. In the attachment is the log as well as latest project iteration Vesta_e-throttle_PC_05_09_STARTUP2.llg Vesta_e-throttle_intermediate_7_05_09.pclr Vesta_e-throttle_PC_05_09_STARTUP.llg
  5. Good day. Have been playing around wit PID and E-throttle table target and there is a huge improvement in terms of throttle pedal response. But now encountered another problem: After startup, engine RPM surges several times, and only after that returns to stable Idle at target RPM. Does anyone have suggestions about what is causing it? Have tried to change Base Idle table< no noticeable improvement. I am attaching the project file and a short log Vesta_e-throttle_intermediate_3_30_08.pclr Vesta_e-throttle_PC_30_08_last.llg
  6. Thanks for PID immy21 Finally, I recorded normal log with AP main; TP main and E-throttle target. Also, made a few tweaks based on cj's recomendations Vesta_e-throttle_PC_2_with_target.llg Vesta_e-throttle_work_last.pclr
  7. Good day. I see, will make a new log then. Simon, in the meantime, can you please take a look into project file I uploaded. Do you see any mistakes in E-throttle setup, or sensor calibration? Maybe there are some suggestions about PID for the throttle body we are using (Bosch 0 280 750 156)
  8. Running through my log file I think I found at least one problem. When I checked my E-throttle target table I saw that AP (Main)% doesn't change at all, but RPM changes. Which means, at least to my understanding, that my throttle is running off only AP (Sub) signal. The sensor itself seem to be ok, what can be the problem? And here is a shortcut for the log file https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Iu4evtDkq9l2EGVboslGDvUR0nEd76qQ/view
  9. Thanks for advice, will definetly look into this. In the meantime, here is the project file. I'm not able to upload a log file here, as it exceeds the upload limit. Vesta_Krasnoyarsk.pclr
  10. Good day. My name is Artem and I'm part of the team currently building 2JZ-GTE powered drift car in Russia. One of the problems we encountered after setting up and rolling road tuning the engine management is noticeable throttle delay from 0 point. Bacically when the driver pushes the pedal, initial response is somewhat delayed. The car is being used for drifting, and it causes problems. Most likely there is something we are getting wrong with setting up the e-throttle system. The hardware we are using is: Bosch Motorsport 68mm e-throttle body Penny&Giles hall
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