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  1. Sven

    Trigger 2 noise

    Many thanks Adamw for your help, purring like a kitten now.
  2. Sven

    Trigger 2 noise

    Many thanks Adamw, air flow balance is good and idle is nice and stable, will load those tables this morning,
  3. Sven

    Trigger 2 noise

    Many thanks Adam, the 5l engine has a 347 stroker kit, the firing order is 351 as per custom cam grind specs, traction control noted. FP noted. yes ITB's, 48mm, home made when I had a bit of spare time a few years ago, will set the arming threshold in the morning and see what happens
  4. Sven

    Trigger 2 noise

    Hey Adam, Thanks for the quick responce, I am not seeing any errors, mind you I am very green at this. The coils are ls1 and they all tested on Ignition test, the log was created when I created the scope image. sven ford 347.llg sven ford 347.pclr I just checked the arming threshhold, its set very low
  5. Sven

    Trigger 2 noise

    Can anyone tell me if this noise on my cam sensor will cause misfire and backfiring through exhaust and generally running like shit. its on a new windsor 5l setup running 8 coils. Engine starts easy.
  6. Can anybody help me with pin identification on these two reluctor sensors for a 5L AU engine
  7. Sven

    Voltage regulation

    Has anybody managed to crack this one yet, I'm having the same problem with a 2016 mazda alternator?
  8. what sensor were you using on the wheel studs Iecku ?
  9. what is this ADSS'. you speak of ??
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