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  1. Quick update, using a lead between the coil pack and the spark plug fixed the problem. Thanks for helping out with everything. Cheers
  2. Thanks for the continued help. Ill try using a standard lead for the timing light, There is no separate igniter on 1999 wrxs it is built into the coil pack Swap carried out as per to fix an intermittent spark issue: http://www.perth-wrx.com/vb/mechanicals/42930-99-00-gc8-coil-pack-gd-coil-plug-conversion.html
  3. Hmm thats interesting, because other than the igniting retarding as revs increase the car does seem to idle well (havent driven it yet) The main ignition is definitely set to falling the ignition is not 100% stock, I replaced the factory central coil pack and leads with a coil over plug setup from a GD wrx. I kept the same wasted spark wiring though. The timing light is a standard inductive timing light from repco: https://www.repco.com.au/en/tools-equipment/workshop-equipment/diagnostic-scan-tools/meco-12v-timing-light/p/A4486161 It is connected by clamping around both the 12v and trigger wire to the #1 coil (front drivers side) My Map is also attached. Map 191115.pclr
  4. Heres a Trigger scope at idle (TL2) Im not sure if this works though (followed the instructions in the video) photo TL2(log) is trying to save to trigger scope as a jPeg but it misses most of the screen. TL1 is a sceenshot of my screen after the trigger scope and Log 2 is just a standard log with slight acceleration in the middle. Hopefully you can get more out of these than I can. TL2.llg Log2.llg also as an additional test I set the entire ignition map to 10 and ran it normally, once again It was at 10 when at idle but went increasingly retarded as RPM increased (PC link still show'd 10 BTDC)
  5. Hi Adam, Thanks for your response. The trigger calibration pop up was on the screen during this (see photos, one is crank pulley at idle then the other two are while increasing the rpm (pop up still open)) And this is all on the PnP ecu using the supplied (but calibrated) base map. After talking to some more people there is a thought that this could be caused by the timing belt jumping a tooth, does this sound plausible to you? Otherwise we're thinking that the ecu is not reading the rpm corectally (faulty cam/crank angle sensor) my current plan of attack is to test the timing with the stock ecu with the timing locked (two green plugs under the dash) Can you think of anything else to try? Thank you again for your help with this
  6. Hi All, Trying to set the base timing on my 1999 wrx. So far I have used the trigger calibration locking the timing to 10 BTDC, cranking the engine (Fuel turned off) I have set the trigger offset to 345 to show 10 BTDC on the Crank Pulley with a timing light. The issue im having setting the trigger delay. The car starts and idles (at 10 BTDC) but when revved it drops back to between 20-50 BTDC and i cant seem to fix it with the trigger delay. Am I doing something wrong? also as a side note, the car idles ok outside the trigger celebration but the timing shown on PClink differs from what I see on the engine. any help will be much appreciated
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