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  1. I did pull the spark plugs and yes it was. I actually did get it running. It’s just a matter of getting the idle dialed in now.
  2. i have switched between the 1-6 and 7-9 both will not start the car, but ill leave it on 1-6. i did briefly go through the pre start checks. i didn't hook up the built in 3 bar map sensor, and did not adjust master fuel. I'm gonna go through it thoroughly today after work. The map sensor says its at 14.3 psi with the car not running??
  3. I never switched 1/4 and 2/3 but I thought about it. Instead I just checked spark under ignition. I turned IGN 1 on and both 1/4 were sparking strong, same with IGN 2 on, 2/3 were sparking. Just to humor the theory though I ran out there and switched them and the car didn’t want to even try to fire. The car acts like it wants to fire with wires the right way..... I’m open to any suggestions, just kinda stumped.
  4. okay so I got the new cam sensor setup hooked up and took a new trigger scope. It sounds like it kind of wants to start now but still wont. trigger scope update.llg
  5. You're right, I got a reading this time. New trigger scope.llg
  6. Yes it did have a back fire. I did the trigger scope and it doesn't appear like anything is happening but the rpms are still moving. I found out that my engine has the 95-96 cam sensor on it instead of the 97-99 cam sensor. The 97-99 cam sensor set up is the same as the evo 8. While thinking about it, the 95-96 (intake) cam sensor reads off of the cam gear side in which the cam is rotating clockwise also the way the sensor is reading. The 97-99 reads on the opposite side (passenger) of the same cam (intake) rotating counter clockwise. I read online about it and those did have to be inverted like you said. trigger scope log 1.llgWould that have anything to do with it?? trigger scope log 2.llg trigger scope 3.llg
  7. Yes it is a wasted spark system. only thing that looks off to me is my map sensor. I am running a Omni 4 bar, I selected the "4 bar" as my map sensor option and calibrated it. Car wont start log.llg
  8. Car won’t start, if I crank long enough the car will backfire. Rpms move, trigger 1 and 2 come on, fuel pump and injectors are working. Any ideas??
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