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    Atom G4X on V6

    ok so how do i get those tables into my setup ? .lte files? have loaded pcl tune files before and used the clipboard to grab tables from on tune to another but how and where can i use them after download ? okay got that import from file ..... time for more reading i think
  2. Transom

    Atom G4X on V6

    Yes thanks I figured that and it gives more room back of the engine - last model of this engine had 36-1 and coil pack so I bought the trigger wheel pulley and the cam blanking plug and have now depinned that trigger from the link loom
  3. Transom

    Atom G4X on V6

    Ok cool I was having a play around looking at multipoint group at could only seem to get INJ 1-2 active but will try that again and have a look at settings provided and help file again Theoretically with that and wasted spark setup the only other things required for a start are - Timing setup - calibrated TPS - engine coolant temp sensor table - IAT table- and whatever Lambda setup I choose So good to be using an NZ made product with outstanding tech support
  4. Transom

    Atom G4X on V6

    Hi I have a few questions I would like to get clear before I start wiring New g4x atom - motor is Mazda kfze v6 with ITBS and stock injectors toyota coil on plug coils crank trigger 36-1 and VR sensor- have option for a cam sensor in old distributor housing with stock hall sensor have been reading here and on hPa about tps only and alpha N tuning main questions so far are is there any benefit to add the cam sensor and go semi sequential injection ? If I set for batch fire it only allows 2 injector outputs - can I run 3 high impedance injectors on each injector output
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