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  1. I have updated the firmware to the latest version, still nothing happens on the trigger scope.. I am clicking the capture button while the engine cranks. Thanks
  2. Hi Adam Thank you for your feedback I really appreciate it. I have turned off the the engine kill and ECU hold power, trigger 1 and 2 turn green on cranking yet I do not see anything on the trigger scope. Attached is the latest tune file. Thanks again G4+ Thunder SRT 8 RB 011.pclr
  3. G4+ Thunder SRT 8 RB 010.pclr
  4. Hi I am a first time user of the Link Thunder, after using a few other ECU's in the past. I have fitted the Thunder to a Chrysler Hemi 6.4 L V8, I have everything working Electronic throttle all sensors etc. I cannot get an RPM Signal, there is nothing happening on the trigger scope either. I have checked the wiring from the crank and cam sensors back to the ECU and all is correct, If I connect a separate scope to each sensor I get a scope waveform signal. Could there be a configuration issue as I have gone through them a few times and do not seem to find a setup issue. Re
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