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  1. Enis vl

    Haltech ic7

    Hi there I recently purchased a ic7 Haltech dash and I need the protocols to put in the ecu, and also I’ve got a a lambda on can 1 and dash on can 2 I need to put a gps so I can read kilometres but needs a can input aswell how can get that working
  2. Enis vl

    Haltech ic7

    Hi there guys I have a vl turbo with a linkg4x I have connected a lambda o2 to can 1 and I have purchased a Haltech ic7 and I connected to can2 I want protocols did you put in the ecu for it to get information from ecu to dash, and also how can I get the kilometeres to work can I also get a gps via can, but there’s is only 2 can inputs
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