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  1. This problem apparently was caused by the overheating of the Link ECU , it is installed in the drivers cabin in the foot well to be exact , and i have some heat escaping to the drivers cabin through the foot well which causes the Link ECU to overheat , so i turn on the A/C on the coolest settings to cool down the Link ECU whenever it starts to get hot , and the problem never happens when i do this .
  2. Hi Adam, I don't have access to my tune file since it's password locked and regarding the logs , it's hard to record them since this issue rarely happens so i can't recreate this problem at will , i will ask my tuner for the tune file , but do you have any idea what could cause this problem to happen ? i loose control over the throttle when it happens and it revs high multiple times on it's own , i also get multiple lights on the dash when it happens
  3. i have a link xtreme g4+ ecu running in piggyback mode ,and the e-throttle is connected to the link ecu , sometimes when sitting in traffic the ecu starts to rev the engine up to around 4500 rpm multiple times , and even after turning the car off then on , it starts doing the same thing again , the only way to stop this is by disconnecting then reconnecting the battery , what could cause this issue ? my car is a 2011 genesis coupe 2.0t manual transmission.
  4. It's an auto trans , and my ecu is the link extreme g4+ it's connected in a piggyback configuration , so the factory ecu controls the transmission ecu , the car is a Genesis coupe 2.0t with a tomei m7960 turbo , i have a digital input connected to the upshift button on the steering wheel . I'm trying to reduce the torque for the duration of the gear shift , since the transmission won't shift when on full throttle although it shifts normally when on partial throttle . I'm guessing that i need to reduce the torque by around 70% for the duration of the shift , there's around a one second delay between pressing the upshift button and the actual gear shift . Once the gear shift is over we need to ramp up the torque again , please note that I tried using the gear shift control feature but it didn't work properly.
  5. I want to use a 4D ignition table for torque reduction during gear shifts , and i would appreciate any tips or guidance for doing it properly
  6. Can we use the gear shift control feature to control the upshifts using the link ecu and lower the torque when upshifting on full throttle for the duration of the gear shift ? I've read another thread where the automatic transmission upshift is being controlled by the link ecu and torque reduction is configured using the gear shift control feature, he apparently "tied the shift signal from Aux 1 into DI1 and the transmission to signal gear shift control to cut power for the 85% - WOT shif " I'm not sure , but i have a link 4bar map sensor connected to my link ecu , and the stock map sensor is still connected which also measures intake air temp , but the intake air temperature readings seem to be out of sync
  7. Dears, I hope all is well , i have a link xtreme G4+ ecu installed on my car in piggy back mode , it's a genesis coupe 2.0t with automatic transmission , the factory ecu controls the transmission ecu and other things like the gauges cluster. when driving the car with partial throttle i can upshift and downshift with no issues , but when driving with full throttle i can't upshift and the car won't shift on it's own like it used to , which causes the car to start bouncing of the rev limiter . please note that the car drives normally and upshifts and downshifts without issues when driving with partial throttle . kindly let us know what could be done in order to solve this issue .
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