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  1. Hello! Any chance you could forward those instructions as well? I just found out today mine is not CAN friendly when I went to plug in the dash... Thanks
  2. Oh, my bad... I did update the firmware and the warning settings were wrong. Fixed them and all is good now. Thanks!
  3. So I finally had the time to finish wiring the V44 I had for a while. I'm having problems with the ECT and IAT sensors, as per the picture. Everything else works fine, I have crank signal, tps works fine and oil pres works fine too. Ground to ecu is fine, and I have checked the resistance at the sensors themselves, and they test ok. With the ECU unplugged, I checked for continuity between terminals atthe ECT and IAT connectors, and that also tested ok. Any ideas? Could it be the ECU? Thanks!!
  4. Ok, that makes sense then. That's the bit I didn't get, why I had to set that trigger 2 if there was nothing connected. Thanks!
  5. Hi Adam. The one I have (172/182) has no cam sensor, that's why I was asking. It has a crank sensor on the flywheel, and the VVT is a solenoid that turns on around 1500 until 5500 to advance the cam 16 degress, and then OFF again until redline. Not really variable. Also, I just saw a typo where I said it runs off the cam... I meant the crank. It's just that the instructions confused me with the extra sensor I don't have
  6. Hello! I'm about to start wiring my project Clio Mk1. It has an F4R engine (Clio 182, on-off VVT) and on the vehicle specific notes it says to wire the cam sensor? As far as I know, that car runs off the cam, with VVT on a switch. Am I thinking it wrong? Also, I am running fairly big cams, would anyone have a base fuel map based on TPS? I would like to start it fairly ok, as I want to run in the cams and rollers Thanks
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