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  1. Simon has helped me solve it, i am using a 2jzgte igniter for the coils. I had too much dwell time at 4k+ rpm, dropping it down to 2ms the car free revs with no issues now
  2. I managed to get a pc log after a few tries The log is free revving, it feels like i am sitting on rev limiter but i was watching the trigger runtime page and couldnt see anything causing it PC Datalog - 2021-01-20 12;08;08 pm.llgx
  3. You are right, my laptop disconnects when i get past around 3000rpm. Does the ecu logger have enough space to record all the parameters? The car will not free rev, it gets to roughly the same spot and cuts. It feels like the ignition system is turning off, since it throws a big fireball out the exhaust. With the timing locked to perform a trigger calibration, it will move around a lot on the light when i slowly bring the revs up to check ignition delay
  4. I have installed a ross racing trigger kit to replace the factory cas, it is 12 tooth on the crank with a single cam sync. I am using cherry hall sensors with a 2kOhm external pullup resistor and the link long loom shielded cables to the ecu. When i am on they dyno, the car will not rev past 4500rpm. Looking at the log the engine speed channel starts to jump around when it gets to around 4000rpm. I have used the trigger scope to look at the signal, it looks ok according the the trigger state parameter Is there something here that i am missing? 240z.pclx TriggerScopeError startup.l
  5. I ended up just working around the connectivity issues, i did all the tuning with the engine not running since the connection was perfect. I used the ecu internal logger to get the data from the dyno runs, similar to older style flash tuning.
  6. I have been having stability issues with my laptop connection, the connection drops out randomly and requires the usb to be unplugged before it will reconnect. Occasionally it will give me an error message that says at the bottom NOT_ENOUGH_BYTES_RET, but if i manually hit connect up the top it will work for a while after that. I have also tried using a different laptop, it has the same issue but it doesn't drop out as often. I have tried different cables and different ports on the laptop Is there a setting in the device manager that i can change to try and keep the stability?
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