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  1. What other extras does the xtreme come with?
  2. Thank you. Another question, if I went with a intake like the edelbrock mpfi 3501/3502 with a holley 502-9 throttle (2 wire solenoid I believe) with the dual sync distributor is there a ecu for this set up?
  3. Yea sorry for that lol. so for the manifold/throttle setup with a Holley dual sync distributor I should go with a stormx? Thanks again for all your help so far.
  4. I just saw that dual sync distributor if I go with the msd dual sync distributor will I be able to use it as a traditional distributor or would I have to run the ls coils from what I read I can do both correct me if I'm wrong. How's your build going so far what lucky vehicle is getting the sbf?
  5. Will it be possible to piggy back off the original ecu for ignition or can I use a msd crank wheel trigger system or would I have to run a direct ignition system. Thanks again for answering my questions it means a lot.
  6. Thanks for replying manifold/throttle will be a edelbrock pro flo xt manifold with an 90mm ls1 throttle body. 1 injector per port. Distributer will be a gm performance hei ramjet distributor and the trigger system is a magnetic pickup
  7. Hello all So I have a 92 c1500 with sbc 350 throttle body injection (TBI) and I'm look to ditch that system and go to a ram jet style fuel system like the gm performance ram jet or the older edelbrock multi port fuel injection (mpfi) (edelbrock 3501 edelbrock 3502) but im having trouble finding a link ecu that can control fuel injection on all 8 cylinders and run a distributor I was hoping to be pointed in the right direction as far as ecu choice
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