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    So I just bought the car and it was over fueling so bad that after letting it warm up for a minute or 2 there was a puddle behind the the car of fuel out exhaust. So I had a look and turned it back to base stock tune. Now it runs better except it idles at around 1300rpm and when I put my foot down to free rev it goes up well but when I take my foot off the rpm drops and nearly stalls out. It has had 1000cc injectors installed and I don’t think a correct tune after that. I’m waiting to get it in to the tuner but would like it running right so I can move it around my property so I can still do t
  2. Codym


    Hi I’m wondering if anyone has an Sr20det manual tune running 1000cc injectors. Having some small hiccups with mine and want to run my eyes over a running tune cheers
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