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  1. No. The car was running fine, It has been tuned to run with GT2871R. I upgrade the turbo to G25-550. When I turn key to start the car for the first time when everything is back together, nothing happened. The engine light didn’t comes on upon the first key click of ignition. All other electronics in the car is running normal. then the mechanic plugged in his laptop to check the ecu. It is offline. Not communicating with the PClink. Requesting firmware to be updated. Story continues to the first post.
  2. After following the instructions on other post to connect the ecu for firmware update. Then reassemble the casing of the ecu. connect everything back and turn key. There is no engine light flashing or light up what so ever. Connect to the software.and the same message shown… what happened
  3. I’ve been updating my Link G4X S15 ECU car cannot be started no spark no fuel pump no nothing at all. the PC software was the latest download from the website 6.20.67 please help.
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