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  1. I was going to ask the same question. I have just recently sold a G4+ model and upgraded to a Vipec as it was a cheaper option than unlocking individual features, all to be a waste of money with this latest firmware release. Cameron
  2. Hi Had an idea about the anti theft function; If the user had an option so it would work of a frequency or duty cycle? So the digital input's frequency would have to match a set value before the car would be able to start? Would make use of a kill switch a little more effective. Cheers Cameron
  3. I'm looking at building a new digital dash with CAN. My plan was to use the virtual CAN inputs for switching boosts maps,logging on/off etc so I can free up the I/O on the ECU. I won't be starting the build for at least 6 months due to other projects, so maybe the custom receive channels will be closer to been supported then.
  4. Also, with the version 4.8 firmware. There is a new CAN runtime value with vairous digital and analog inputs. Any idea when the information will become available on programming these via the CAN Bus? Thanks Cameron
  5. Hi, for some reason my G4 storm doesn't always rev limit at the desired rpm. I can't see whats wrong. I've included the PCL and log. The only thing I can think of is the inj duty goes above 100% and because its a fuel cut limt it does't work? Engine is a CA18DET. Thanks Cameron 2.llg map.pcl
  6. I've noticed that my G4 storm does the same thing, I can't confirm if it flashes when I turn the ignition off. Its about 5 weeks old if thats of any help. Cameron
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