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  1. Precrank prime is off. Although the table is filled out.
  2. No injector connected when scoping. think I will leave it for now if engine running ok. Just found it odd to hear the injectors click with ecu on.
  3. Oscilloscope is measuring voltage difference between injector drive and ground. I’m assuming it’s a floating voltage when not the injector drive is not firing. the issue is - I had a fuel injector back feed issue when the injectors were wired separately to a different pdm output and they were staying open after ecu was powering down. I rewired injectors to have same pdm output as the ecu to fix the issue Which I think it has haven’t had any more flooding but I do notice what I think is some fuel in the sitting in the cylinder bore in the valve pockets of of the piston when I scoped the bores recently. When I power on the ecu I also hear some clicking x 1 from the injectors. I’m just wondering if for whatever reason injectors are opening temporarily on ecu on and off.
  4. Link G4+ storm Is it normal for the injector drives to be temporarily grounded on ECU on and off? ECU and injectors are wired to same +12V on PDM. Oscilloscope shows injector drives reaching ground potential temporarily with ECU on and off.
  5. Nevermind. Figure it out. Have to press enter to confirm the new value as opposed to clicking elsewhere to leave the cell.
  6. Hi there, Sorry for the silly question but I'm trying to adjust the base timing on my Link g4+ storm. I make the chance in the set base timing window and press "done" but the changes are not updating in the trigger calibration window. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
  7. jycheung

    CANbus receive

    Trying to receive Oil Temp via canbus from Motec C125 dash. Cannot seem to even though I think I'm entering the can setup info correctly. Motec c125 dash can receive Link ECU data no problem. Can a Storm G4+ receive oil temp via canbus from a dash?
  8. Thank you Adam. Very helpful!
  9. Link G4+ storm Quick question - do the high side (max 0.5A) and low side drives (max 2A) require a fuse at all? I'm more worried about the Link ECU as opposed to the driven items (low amperage relay, hour meter). Thanks in advance.
  10. Does anyone have injector characterization tables for ID725 for linkecu? trying to setup injector deadtimes and short pulse width adder tables. Thank you in advance.
  11. Hi Scott and Adam, Checked with external oscilloscope at the mag crank sensor and still get a similar tracing (<200mV amplitude <400mV P2P). The sensor did not come with a data sheet however I think it is an electromotive crank sensor. The sensor resistance between signal and ground wire is not within spec of the presumed sensor type. So I'm going to order a new sensor and see if it fixes the problem. Will keep the forum posted. Joseph
  12. Thanks Adam. The air gap is 0.010'' measured by feeler gauge. I'll check the standalone scope direct to the sensor and see but I checked my wiring with continuity and it all looks good With crank mag sensor is it common to see readings at lower voltages with a failure and not complete loss of signal? I think the sensor is a electromotive one http://www.racetep.com/manufacturer/electromotive/complete-kits/tec-s/1-2-in-mag-sensor-round-point-w-connector.html But it was sold by VAC motorsports which I have had poor experiences with. Joseph
  13. Hi there, Would appreciate your help regarding a no start condition. During the last race weekend on the first day the car ran great. The last race was a 40 minute mini enduro, but otherwise started, ran and was good when I turned off the engine. I let the car sit outside overnight (mildly cold, around 10 degrees outside). Day 2 of the race weekend the car would crank but not start so I was done for the weekend. Here are the details Standalone Link G4+ storm Crank trigger - reluctor - 12 even space Cam trigger - reluctor cam pulse x 1 Direct spark with coil packs Direct fuel injection I tested injector outputs, they work. I tested ignition outputs, the spark plugs fire. I tested triggers 1,2 - no errors on runtime values. My external oscilloscope on the triggers, the max voltage on cranking for trigger 1 - 0.18V ish. Trigger 2 is greater than 1 volts. The link ecu scope tracing does not look good. Spark plugs look wet after several cranks but no starts. Timing light is not firing when cranking the engine over. Fuel pressure at rail reads fine I think I am getting fuel but no spark. I suspect something with the triggers. Is the crank trigger dead? Is it a software programming issue? Help! Attached the scope picture and pcl file. Thank you! 2016-06-21-S14-Fuse105-RCTS-CLL-MM.pclr
  14. Hi Adam. Backfeeding - That's what I thought was going on. Interesting I never noticed this before and the car was running like a dream with the Link G4+ storm. I am running a motec PDM with ECU, gauges, and ignition on one output and Fuel pump and fuel injectors on the other. I can program the PDM to switch both on and off together. Do you think the PDM will be able to supply consistent voltage to both outputs (ecu and injectors). I would prefer not to rewire. Joseph
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