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  1. Just looking over the G4+ features and wondering how much they differ (hardware-wise, i guess) from the previous G4 units and whether or not Link could offer an upgrade service wherein you send in your old G4 core and pay x amount to have it upgraded to a G4+ model as surely a lot of the components would be the same? I understand that it would probably end up dearer if you factored in original purchase cost + upgrade cost but it would have to be a fair bit cheaper than a whole new ecu? Brad.
  2. roger, i started by setting the trigger calibration with no fuel just cranking; once i was happy with that i played around til it would start and then found what sort of timing it liked for idle, mines a streetport and idles around 1000rpm and 50-60kPa MAP. for these cells it liked about 21 deg, yours may be different however, i've seen all the way from 10-20+ its just a matter of messing about. my timing map is basically an adaption of a pineapple racing streetport timing map that i found online; so far only tuned up to 4500 9psi. brad.
  3. Roger, Myself and another friend both run g4 xtreme ECUS with the d585 coils (myself on an extend port s6 13b-rew; and him on a semi-pp 20b) we both have 3ms across the entire map for dwell time. Â Can you go into more detail about your troubles getting your engine to fire? Maybe post up your map? brad.
  4. Simon that sounds like it will be the easier option as my injectors are high impedence style and that will make tuning much easier as I so t have to edit two tables and try to get them to match up and the ecu can still utilise the auto tune feature that way. thanks! brad.
  5. hey simon, yes im running the red xtreme ecu; since i will most likely need to change up my harness a bit i might convert my water/methanol injection to a pwm setup controlled by the ecu (uses 2x solenoids with different sized nozzles) as well as run an extra secondary set of injectors off the spare inj outputs; only thing is this could bring me close to table allocation. theres not a way that i can drive two injectors off the one output so they operate simultaneously? and just adjust the secondary ratio to suit.
  6. currently i have a 13B running sequential staged injection with 2x 650cc primary injectors and 2x 2200cc secondary injectors. In the future i would like to convert the motor to a semi peripheral port setup which would utilise the 2x 650cc primary injectors and the 2x2200cc secondary injectors but would also incorporate another 2x 2200cc secondary injectors. to do this would i have to change my setup to group fire staged injection and rewire my setup so that its as follows?: Front rotor(1): Primary - inj1; Sec1 - inj2; Sec2 - inj4. Rear rotor(2): Primary - inj3; Sec1 - inj6; Sec2 - inj8.
  7. in pclink go to analogue inputs and down the bottom there will be a fault settings, change whichever one you're using for the LC1 to 'error high= 5.00V' and 'error low= 0.00V' and change your 'error value' to something you will recognise as an error like 1 or something. Brad.
  8. so we can set this up on a GP PWM table (mapping RPM vs. TPS) and just need to find something to control the thottle, that when controlled by the signal it will open it relative to the duty cycle, ie:Â 0%DC= closed and 100%DC= fully open, ideas?
  9. fixed it; turns out i had the gp rpm limit table set to all 0s
  10. yeah simon, starts fine straight away afterwards, not like its fouling plugs or anything. what we thought of trying was changing the map axis from MAP vs RPM to TPS vs RPM just to see whether it changes the fact that it keeps stalling, hoping to get a chance to do this tomorrow afternoon. i will post a log of this tomorrow. also i hope to test the vac side of the MAP sensor to get the actual figures instead of using the extrapolation feature to guestimate them, i will try this before i change the map axes to see if it remedies my issues as it may be putting out incorrect voltage that is
  11. i've tried with and without the ISC solenoid activated. what i havent tried is with the idle ignition control turned on. can anyone see anything unusual that may be causing the car to die? or anythign else i should look into? most parameters that can be logged have been logged. Brad.
  12. hey guys, got my fd rx7 with a wire-in link g4 xtreme that keeps dying a while after it starts. now i have monitored the runtime values screen while its running and the logging parameters to check that it is nothing to do with any warmup enrichment etc. i will attach the pcl file as well as three logs, two of which are just idling/revving while standing still, the other is just a quick putt up the street and back (with the engine dying in the middle, of course). 3-10-12-2.pcl drive-2-10-12.llg dying-29-9-12-3.llg dying-29-9-12-5.llg
  13. bit of an update on this; since getting the trigger issue sorted out and finding a dead coil and secondary1 injector wired as primary2, i have finally got the car to start! problem is it runs like a bag of dicks because the link keeps seeing trigger errors giving it false rpm readings. one error said rpm was 32700rpm! i found an issue with my loom where a ground got pulled out of a connector and i have since repaired that but the trigger error issue still remains; i will attach some log files (and my layout file just to make things a bit easier) for you guys to have a look at? i hav
  14. just wondering if theres anyway you can rename inputs/outputs in pclink? for example, it would be good to be able to rename EGTs as cyl1 EGT, cycl2 EGT etc or rename the GP Inputs? this would make things much easier rather than having to remember which is which. Brad.
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