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  1. I´ve checked the firmware, and it´s up to date in both computer and ECU
  2. I´m from Sweden. I gonna call Motornord in Sundsvall (Sweden) today. Do you think it´s som kind of warranty? I´ve bought it in January 2012, and start to use it now, but it di´n´t work out the way I planned Â
  3. Does anyone have any idea why suddenly why the ECU quit put out signals from all aux output´s includning injectors? Is it possible that I by misstake turned the function of?
  4. Hi do I need to run with both crank and camtrigger when i drive with Atom G4. Wasted spark, multicoil. My engine is normally equipped with distrubutor. I´ve mounted an trigeer for the crank, but I dont know if I will need the trigger from camshaft? MickeÂ
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