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  1. Thank you very much Scott thats actually what i been looked for
  2. hi guys i need help with loom. i need make loom for Link g3 plus ecu for my mr2 rev2 but little bit scare to do something wrong and burn or damage my ecu . i got photo with both pinouts and some one edit that picture. add arrows on correct pining i will be so happy. Thank you
  3. Tomas_St


    lool yeah been put ecu on shell used another one. time to put that one what else i need after update. do repining too ?
  4. Tomas_St


    still looking for
  5. hi just bought used Link ecu would like to tune my MR2 Rev2 ot like gals st185 3sgte engine. but dont have base map. maybe got some one and would like share with me ?
  6. Tomas_St


    Ecu is LinkPlius G3. firmware should be 1.9 Engine is 3SGTE Mr2 Rev2 or like its call ST185
  7. Tomas_St


    HI guys just bought LinkPlius G3. and have problem cant find base map. If some one share map i`m be very happy tomelys69@ymail.com Thank you
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